AirPods Retro bring a classic Macintosh vibe to Apple's buds | Cult of Mac

AirPods Retro bring a classic Macintosh vibe to Apple’s buds


AirPods with a classic Mac twist.
Photo: Colorware

Do you love your AirPods but wish they looked like they came out in the 80’s?

ColorWare has come out with a new customization of Apple’s AirPods that look like the could have been paired with the original Macintosh. The Pantone 453 finish makes the buds look more retro, but they’re anything but cheap.

The AirPods Retro pack all the features of regular AirPods, only they the charging box packs fake vents and a rainbow-colored button reminiscent of Apple’s old logo.

Inspired by the Apple IIe which came out a year before the first Macintosh, AirPods Retro brings back all the nostalgia without compromising on technology. The design is pretty similar to other classic Apple mods they’ve done in the past on iPhone.

Supplies of the AirPod Retro are supposedly limited. Unfortunately, you can’t send in your old AirPods to get customized, unlike some of ColorWare’s other offerings. If you want the AirPods Retro you’ll have to shell out $399. That’s more than double the $159 normal AirPods cost. Orders are set to ship in 3 – 4 weeks.