Colorware's Retro mod makes iPhone 7 Plus look like a Mac

Retro iPhone 7 Plus mod looks like a classic Mac


This retro iPhone 7 mod isn't cheap.
This retro iPhone 7 mod isn't cheap.
Photo: Colorware

The jet black iPhone 7 is one of the most beautiful Apple devices we’ve seen in years, but if you have a hunkering for a more retro look, Colorware’s new mod has got you covered.

Dubbed the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition, Colorware’s latest mod adds a cool new color scheme to the iPhone you can’t get in Apple Stores. If like vintage Macs, you’ll love this throwback to the 80’s.

The mod adds a couple of brilliant details to the iPhone 7 Plus that make it look like a classic Macintosh. On the back, the Apple logo has been transformed into the retro rainbow logo. Dark beige stripes line the edges turning the iPhone into a work of art.

Colorware says it plans to make the iPhone 7 Plus Retro available for a limited time only. The first 25 devices will come with a number of authenticity. Getting one will cost you more than a regular iPhone though with the pricetag set at $1899.99.