Fortnite’s new Playground mode spawns amazing Mario Kart clone


Fortnite Mario Kart clone
Race around the Tilted Towers track with shopping karts.
Photo: JoshB_C

Fortnite’s exciting new Playground mode finally relaunched this week, giving new players the chance to learn the game outside of Battle Royale matches. But you don’t have to use it for practice.

The beauty of Playground mode is that you can do almost anything you like in it — including making your own Mario Kart clone. Check out this amazing track built in Tilted Towers.

Fortnite’s building mechanical is one of its best attributes. It’s what makes it stand out among a sea of similar games. But you can’t build much inside regular Battle Royale matches.

You might be able to farm enough materials to create something special, but you will almost certainly be eliminated in the process. If another player doesn’t kill you, you’re bound to get wiped out by the storm eventually.

But not in Playground mode.

Playground mode gives you the freedom to build, build, build

Epic built Playground mode to give Fortnite players the opportunity to let their creativity run wild. Each game lasts a whole hour and offers ample materials and equipment so you can build as much as you like, fight as much as you like, and just have fun.

Some players are already using Playground mode to do some incredibly novel things. One, Reddit user JoshB_C, has built an amazing Mario Kart clone that lets you race around Tilted Towers with a shopping kart.

Enjoy the hilarious clip below.

We made Mario Kart in Fortnite from r/FortNiteBR

The downside to Playground mode is that anything you create is lost at the end of the game. You might spend an hour crafting something spectacular, but when that hour’s up, it’s all gone. There’s no way to revisit it later.

But Playground mode wasn’t designed to mimic Minecraft — it’s here to give new and experienced players the chance to get used to Fortnite without constantly being eliminated in Battle Royale matches.