Fortnite’s Playground mode finally returns across all platforms


Fortnite Playground mode
Practice your skills in Playground mode today.
Photo: Epic Games

Hurrah! Fortnite Battle Royale’s exciting new Playground mode has finally returned, and you can enjoy it now across all platforms.

Playground was removed shortly after making its initial debut last week as a result of technical troubles. Epic promised it would return this week and it has today confirmed the new limited-time game mode is now open to all.

Playground is one of the biggest LTMs to hit Fortnite so far. It fixes one of the biggest problems with Battle Royale, and that’s the lack of any training modes for new and inexperienced players who are late to the game.

Playground gives you the freedom to build and fight without the frustrating elimination cycle. You’ll find ample resources and equipment, and you’ll have a whole hour to practice your skills. You can kill others and be killed (friendly fire is enabled), but you’ll respawn instantly so you don’t have to wait to get into another game.

Playground mode returns to Battle Royale

Playground mode made its debut with Fortnite’s version 4.5 update last week, but it was pulled almost immediately due to a host of technical problems. Epic has been working around the clock ever since to get it up and running again.

On Monday, Epic confirmed its tests were going well, but its latest updates made it seem as though Playground mode could be postponed even further if other issues popped up during subsequent tests. Fortunately for us, that didn’t happen.

“All players can now join in on the fun in the Playground LTM,” Epic tweeted early Tuesday morning. “Drop in and let your imagination run wild.”

For more details, see Epic’s update on Reddit.

Playground mode is fit for pros, too

Playground isn’t just great for new players; it’s also ideal for Battle Royale aficionados who want to sharpen their building skills and master news ways of countering opponents on the battlefield.

Bear in mind, however, that this is a limited-time mode, so it won’t be around forever. Enjoy it while you can across consoles, PC, and mobile now.