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Massive explosions predicted during Fortnite event tomorrow


Fortnite event happening Saturday
Fortnite could pop a big rocket on Saturday.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Something is going to happen in the Fortnite game tomorrow. What that will be is a bit of a mystery, but it’s causing a lot of buzz.

Whatever the deal is, it’s happening at 1:30 pm Eastern Time on Saturday. In-game TV screens are showing a countdown clock, and that’s when it hits the zero hour.

People like us on the Pacific Coast will have to get up at 10:30 am, but Brits have until 6:30 pm. That’s important, because scuttlebutt says this Fortnite event will only happen once, at exactly that time.

What’s happening?

Epic Games has kept mum about this whole thing, but there are some educated guesses about what we should expect, according to The Verge.

Players have noticed that there’s a persistent siren going off near the evil super villain lair. This location only appeared this season, so it’s not surprising that Epic has plans for it.

That lair contains a huge rocket. A countdown timer, plus a siren, plus a rocket would appear to add up to a launch.

Even if this guess is wrong, it’s worth logging into Fortnite tomorrow to find out. This game isn’t going to this much trouble to put on a knitting contest or a poetry slam.

Jump on the Fortnite bandwagon

Fortnite can be played on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.  It’s free to play, though there are a lot of in-game add-ons available to buy. So many that the iOS version alone has raked in $100 million.

It can be downloaded from the Epic Games website, or from the iOS App Store.