Apple Pay launches in Norway, its 29th country


Norwegian Apple Pay
Apple Pay has come a long way!
Photo: Apple

One day after it launched in Poland, Apple Pay has also gone live in Norway, with support from two local financial institutions Santander Consumer Finance and Nordea. Santander  is one of the country’s biggest banks, which means that a large percentage of people in Norway should be covered by the launch.

The Norwegian Apple Pay launch means that the service is now available in a total of 29 different markets. It first went live in initial market, the United States, on October 20, 2014. Prior to Poland and Norway, Apple Pay went live in Ukraine back in May this year.

Apple Pay has been gradually gaining momentum, thanks to a combination of new markets and homegrown promotions intended to grow awareness in the U.S. Tim Cook has previously admitted that, “Mobile payments have taken off slower than I personally would have thought if you asked me sitting here a few years ago.”

According to one report published at the start of this year, based on figures drawn up by analyst Gene Munster, Apple Pay currently has an estimated active user base in excess of 127 million people. Since Norway only has a population of 5.2 million people (roughly the same number of people as live in Colorado), this launch isn’t going to change that in any big way. Still, it’s another step in the right direction for Apple.

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Source: Apple