Gmail for iOS just got a big notifications upgrade


Gmail iOS
View all your messages individually if you prefer.
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Some of us need to have email notifications enabled, but we don’t want our iPhone to ping every time a spam message hits out inbox. Gmail just got a big notifications upgrade that solves this problem.

Its official iOS app now uses artificial intelligence to provide notifications for your most important emails only.

If you never receive urgent emails, you may choose to disable notifications entirely. That’s not an option for a lot of iPhone and iPad users. If you use Gmail, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds — notifications enabled, but no spam alerts.

Gmail identifies your most important emails

By leveraging Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Gmail can now identify the messages that are most important to you. It will then send you alerts for those emails only.

To take advantage of this feature, look out for the popup that will appear at the top of your inbox asking you to “Try notifications for only your high priority emails.” Alternatively, visit the Notification drop-down in Gmail’s settings.

Gmail priority notifications iOS
Only the emails that matter most will send you notifications.
Photo: Google

This feature is available on iOS now, though it may take a few days for everyone to see it. It will be rolling out to Android users “soon,” Google says.