Turn to-dos into lasting habits with Streaks [50 Essential iOS Apps #25]


Streaks app completing tasks
Streaks turns your to-do list into a game of success.
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50 Essential iOS Apps: StreaksTo-do lists can be incredibly useful for getting tasks done on time and staying on top of ongoing projects. Unfortunately for some, it’s a source of procrastination, with no reward for keeping up with your daily (or weekly tasks). The Streaks app gamifies your recurring tasks and helps create good habits (or break bad habits) quickly and easily.

What is Streaks?

Streaks is a to-do list, designed to encourage good habits through gamification. Recurring tasks or habits (good or bad) are added to your list, and with each completed task, you extend your daily streak. Each incomplete task will reset your current streak to 0, breaking a string of success. By turning a to-do into a game, the app is useful for both for task management and habit tracking.

Why it’s great

While Streaks isn’t a traditional to-do list, it’s great for consistent, recurring tasks. Whether you need to remember to take out the trash every Monday, take a vitamin each night, or write about an Essential iOS app a few times each week, this can help you stay on track.

The human brain is easily tricked, and Streaks takes advantage of our brain’s desire to succeed. By showing a badge on the app icon to remind you that you have incomplete tasks, or sending a push notification to remind you to get that one thing done today, Streaks increases productivity and helps form good habits. The app can also integrate with Apple Watch health data to make sure you workout, hit your calorie goal, or meditate a few times every week.

Habit tracking and task report in Streaks
The Streaks app can track good or bad habits and show when you’re most successful.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Unlike most to-do apps apps, Streaks can also be used to discourage bad habits. Bad habits can be set to allow for a specified number of “misses” for a given day, and staying under that threshold extends your streak. This habit tracking makes it useful for breaking bad habits like smoking, drinking too much coffee or alcohol, biting your nails, or swearing.

Who it’s for

Anyone that needs a little reminder to get their daily chores done can find success with Streaks. Whether you’re looking to break a bad habit or form a good one this is the perfect app for you.

Bottom line: Streaks is the best habit tracking app

Streaks is simple but effective at helping you get tasks done. It’s useful for your health, your chores, work tasks, and forming good habits alike. If a checklist to-do apps isn’t your thing, this just might be.

Price: $4.99

Download from: App Store

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