tvOS 12 makes entering passwords via iPhone way easier on Apple TV

tvOS 12 brilliantly fixes the biggest password pain on Apple TV


Apple TV
Apple TV uses Siri remote to prompt nearby iPhones for passwords.
Photo: Imgur

Apple TV is about to get a lot more friendly when it comes to inputting passwords and PINs.

Entering passwords on Apple TV has been one of the biggest pain-points on its entire existence. But starting with tvOS 12, Apple is giving its box the ability to prompt all nearby iPhones to enter a password, even if you’ve never connected to that Apple TV.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Apple TV uses the Siri remote to search for nearby iPhones to use a keyboard. It then sends a prompt to the user to start the process.

2 – The Apple TV shows a PIN that you then enter on your iPhone to confirm you’re looking at the right TV.

3 – iPhone then prompts you to authenticate yourself via Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your password sheet.

4 – A list of all your stored passwords are presented with the website or service you’re trying to log into at the top.

Apple revealed the Siri Remote’s ability to search for nearby iPhones at a demo during WWDC this week. Developers can take advantage of the new API too so that it works with third-party apps.

Finally! No more hunting and pecking for individual characters on a giant virtual keyboard. Also, it’s nice that you don’t have to show everyone your passwords now while entering it on the big screen.

Via: Reddit