Why Dashlane password manager beats your browser every time

Why a dedicated password manager beats your browser every time


Dashlane password manager vs web browser: Don't rely on your web browser to keep track of your passwords.
Pro tip: Don't rely on your web browser to keep track of your passwords.
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Doing anything online means remembering a slew of passwords. That’s why we’re strong advocates of using a password manager like Dashlane. But why use a password manager when your web browser offers to keep track of passwords for you?

The short answer is that, in today’s age of security and privacy concerns, password management is about a lot more than convenience.

Web browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox act like windows into the online world. So it’s tempting to let them take care of the necessities, like filling out forms and remembering passwords. But while convenient, these password-management features are not core to these browsers’ functionality. As a result, they offer limited functionality. Worse yet, they cannot offer the level of security a dedicated password manger can.

Trust the experts for secure password management

It’s easy to simply click “yes” when your browser offers to remember a password, but doing so puts your password in a vulnerable place. Unless you’re an advanced user, you probably don’t even know where to find the passwords your browser stores. But someone who takes your laptop might. Applications that interact with your browser also might know how to locate any passwords stored there as well.

That makes for many points of vulnerability.

The fact is, browsers aren’t really built around password security so they are not a good place to store your most sensitive information. But with a purpose-built password manager like Dashlane your information remains instantly accessible, even while stored in an encrypted, local database.

Companies like Apple and Google want you to stay in their ecosystems, and that includes their web browsers. That’s why they build password-management features into them in the first place. But with a password manager, you can easily use strong passwords across all your favorite websites and services on any device or browser. You enjoy all the convenience of storing passwords in a browser without compromising your security.

Dashlane offers simplicity and security

Unlike a web browser, Dashlane offers advanced tools to maximize your online security. Dashlane’s Security Dashboard serves up a straightforward overview of your current password security situation. It offers tons of insight and adjustments, making it easy to quickly boost your online safety.

Additionally, Dashlane employs a team dedicated to spotting and addressing security breaches. If a new risk arises related to a service you use, a single click replaces potentially affected passwords with new ones. And you still just need to know your single master password.

You just won’t find these types of advanced password-management tools and resources in Chrome or Safari.

For anyone concerned about online security — and that should be everybody — using a password manager provides a more convenient, more secure system than relying on a web browser. A trusted service like Dashlane is hard to beat. That’s why we use it here at Cult of Mac.

So, what are you waiting for? You can use Dashlane for free on one device. Download Dashlane today and take control of your online security.