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Steve Jobs’ daughter is writing memoir about rocky relationship with her dad


New book will offer a very different view of Steve Jobs: that of father.
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Given his immense significance as the CEO who turned around Apple’s fortunes, there are a whole lot of books out there about Steve Jobs.

A newly announced one, however, will have a different, more personal take on the late Steve Jobs than most of its bookstore rivals. The reason? Its written by his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Scheduled for launch September 4, Brennan-Jobs’ book isn’t, strictly speaking, entirely about Jobs. It’s being described as a coming-of-age memoir, although Jobs will not doubt play a big part in it.

Publisher Grove Press calls the book a “poignant” story about growing up in and the challenges of contending with a famous and unpredictable father.

Lisa’s troubled history with Steve

Now aged 39, Lisa Brennan-Jobs is Jobs’ oldest child. The child of Jobs’ former girlfriend Chrisann Brennan, rather than his wife, Laurene Powell-Jobs, Lisa and Steve had a tumultuous relationship.

Lisa, photographed in 2005.
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Her mother met Steve when they were at Homestead High School together. She was born on Robert Friedland’s All One Farm commune outside of Portland, where Jobs briefly worked.

By the time Lisa was born, however, Chrisann and Steve Jobs were estranged and Jobs went as far as denying paternity.

Even when it was proven that Jobs was Lisa’s father, he continued to deny it and agreed only to pay Brennan $385 per month in child support — which increased to $500 per month after Apple went public and Jobs became a multimillionaire.

At the time, Jobs was working on a new computer called the Lisa. He originally said that this was an acronym for “Local Integrated System Architecture,” although people at Apple joked it stood for “Let’s Invent Some Acronym.”

Years later, Jobs admitted that the computer was named after Lisa. In the official Jobs biography, Steve told Walter Isaacson, “obviously it was named for my daughter.”

While Steve Jobs and Lisa did patch up their relationship later on (Jobs reportedly left her a multimillion dollar inheritance in his will), it went through various rocky patches over the years.

Lisa has never really spoken publicly before about her relationship with her father. She was, notably, one of the few key interviews that Walter Isaacson never got.

She did later speak with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, writer of the movie adaptation of the Isaacson book, who claimed it changed his idea about what the Steve Jobs movie should be.

A strong writing background

Both Lisa’s parents have now told their story in the form of books. Jobs, as noted, lent his support to the Walter Isaacson book (which top Apple officials disapprove of), while Chrisann Brennan wrote the 2013 memoir The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs does, it should be noted, have a writing background — which will hopefully make this book more personal than if it were to be a ghostwritten title (which it presumably won’t be.)

She studied at Harvard University, where she wrote for The Harvard Crimson, and she’s also written for The Southwest Review, The Massachusetts Review, The Harvard Advocate, Spiked, Vogue, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Color me intrigued!

Source: Chicago Tribune