There’s already strong demand for next iPhone


Next iPhone
Many Apple smartphones users are looking ahead to the next iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Nearly a quarter of current iPhone users already plan to buy Apple’s next smartphone — even before they know what new features it will bring. That’s the most surprising finding from a new poll, which also shows demand for iPhone upgrades has stabilized at a high level.

Heavy demand for an unannounced product shows trust in Apple. That’s welcome, as the company’s reputation has slipped a bit.

Loop Ventures polled hundreds of Americans about their plans to upgrade to the next iPhone, and found that 22 percent of them intend to make the jump. That’s just slightly less than upgrade demand in 2017, but almost 50 percent higher than in 2016.

Upgrade to Next iPhone
Intent to upgrade to the next iPhone is strong.
Photo: Loop Ventures

This is just interest in upgrading to the replacement for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Results for people upgrading from older models to the 2017 ones are tabulated below.

The market analysis company also pointed out: “The data over the past two years suggests annual iPhone growth will settle into a more predictable 1-5% range.”

Apple’s latest and greatest

Over half of iPhone users planning to upgrade are already looking ahead to the device still on Apple’s drawing board. Not everyone is so forward-thinking, though. Nearly 30 percent have their eye on the iPhone 8, while almost 20 percent want an iPhone X.

Which Next iPhone
Upgraders prefer the next iPhone to the current ones.
Photo: Loop Ventures

The latest iPhones came out last fall, and their replacements aren’t expected for about six more months. At this point, there are no trustworthy rumors about what Apple is planning. Much of the current discussion about them is debate on whether Apple was right to remove the Home button from the iPhone X and replace it with a screen cutout.

Apple’s reputation isn’t quite what it once was

Apple used to be one of the world’s most admired companies, but it has slipped lately. In the latest Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, the company went from 5th place to 29th. It was also recently judged to have lower charisma than many other brands. Still, Apple ranked first for brand intimacy among millennials.

And strong interest in upgrading is always good news for any company.