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Stylish poster shows the evolution of Apple computers over the years


Wouldn't this look awesome in your study?
Photo: Moonimal

So you’ve got your iMac, iPad and iPhone at the ready. Your bookshelves are heaving under the weight of all the Steve Jobs biographies, and you’ve got a cabinet containing various rare vintage Apple products, like the ill-fated Pippin games console and that weird vertical Mac display from back in the day.

Now all you’re searching for is a little Apple-themed something for the wall to say to visitors “I’m a little bit too into this Cupertino-based tech company.” Well, look no further — because we’ve got the poster for you!

Created by a design team called Moonimal from Warsaw, Poland, it’s a history of Apple’s computers, printed under the title “The Mac R/evolution.” (If we were going to nitpick we’d point out that machines like the Apple II are not Macs, but it’s still a pretty nifty creation.)

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Photo: Moonimal

“We created a poster which shows the evolution of Mac computer design,” designer Jarosław Szaran, told Cult of Mac. “We are industrial designers and real Apple fans, and wanted to show on one poster all the most important Apple computers from the era of Steve Jobs and from the period after his death until today.”

A hand-drawn aesthetic

From a design perspective, what makes the poster kind of cool is the fact that the designers opted for hand-drawn sketches of the products, over sterile vector illustrations. It’s an approach which helps bring out a bit of the various machines’ personality. Szaran said it was inspired by vintage nature books, which show drawn illustrations of creatures like butterflies.

Szaran said that his favorite Macs include the original 1984 Macintosh 128K (which was purposely designed to look like a smiling face), along with the 2003-era Power Mac G5 and PowerBook G4.

“We think that our poster will interest Apple fans, good design lovers, technology enthusiasts, and those who are looking for a nice minimalist poster for a wall in their office,” Szaran said.

The creators aren’t making physical copies of the poster to sell. Instead, they’re giving away a hi-res PDF file containing the image, ready to be printed in B2 format of 500 x 707mm.

To get hold of a copy of the poster, they are asking you to “pay with a post.” This is a three-step sharing process, carried out using the certified service Pay with a Post. This involves visiting their site, clicking the “Pay with a Post” button, which then allows them to post one single post on your social media to further spread awareness about the project. You can check out the privacy terms and conditions here.

After that, you should be able to download the poster ready for your printing pleasure!