Westworld game lets you try and manage your own robot theme park


The brilliant series in on its way to iOS as a simulation game.
Photo: Westworld

Like a whole lot of folks, I’m a massive fan of Westworld, the HBO TV series which depicts a wild west-themed amusement park, staffed by futuristic robots.

A new game, coming to iOS, promises to bring that same experience to our pockets. No, it doesn’t let you play as a guest, living out your wildest gunslinger fantasies — but instead takes the form of a simulation game, in which you’re tasked with running the park. Check out the intriguing (if ambiguous) trailer below.

The game where nothing can possibly go wrong?

Westworld was the brainchild of popular thriller writer (and noted Mac fan!) Michael Crichton. Crichton was, of course, famously the brains behind Jurassic Park, another franchise in which science is used to create the ultimate amusement park, which turns out to be more a nightmare than a dream come true. A few years ago I reviewed Jurassic Park Builder, a not dissimilar park management game, for Cult of Mac. At the time, I noted that the overall premise was incredibly fun, although I disliked the in-app purchases.

Not having had the chance to play the new Westworld mobile game, I can’t say whether it will fall pray to the same issues. Its trailer does make it look pretty interesting, though. I love the idea of it being presented as a training simulation that will allow “staff” to deal with an assortment of scenarios that could potentially befall their park.

If it can be a version of the classic Theme Park with a bit more robot mayhem (heck, it could even bring back some of the other non-wild west “worlds” from the original 1973 Westworld movie), I can see this being a winner.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can currently pre-register for the game. This gives you numerous rewards, so it’s well worth doing.