Former Apple exec tapped to lead Computer History Museum


Dan’l Lewin in NeXT’s Palo Alto, California, offices, 1986–1987.
Dan’l Lewin in NeXT’s Palo Alto, California, offices, 1986–1987.
Photo: Doug Menuez

The Computer History Museum named former Apple executive Dan’l Lewin as its new CEO and President today.

Lewin was one of Steve Jobs’ top guys back in the early days of Apple. He served in a number of marketing roles from 1981 to 1985 and was recruited by Jobs to join his new company, NeXT, after Jobs was fired from Apple.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Computer History Museum is dedicated to exploring the history of computing and its impact on society. As CEO of CHM, Lewin will oversea the munext phase of growth, including expanding the Museum’s interpretation efforts and content and media creation to further reach and impact global audiences.

“The Computer History Museum represents the work of many of the giants of our time,” said Dan’l Lewin in a statement. “For me, this opportunity represents a dream come true. There is no better place and time to be helping shape the conversation about how computing will impact our world in the years to come.”

Lewin had a long stint at Microsoft after working for NeXT, giving him a unique and far-reaching perspective on the history of technology. Before joining Apple, he worked at Sony. Steve Jobs recruited him to Apple after a meeting in 1980 concerning Sony’s new 3.5-inch floppy drive that was used in the Mac.