iPhone X users report overheating, excessive data consumption


iPhone X
Is your iPhone X too hot to handle?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Life with an iPhone X isn’t as rosy as it should be for some adopters. Many report that their handsets are plagued by frequent overheating and excessive data consumption. Some have even resorted to placing their handset in a freezer to cool it down.

iPhone X is the finest smartphone Apple has ever made. It might not be perfect, but it’s the best handset you can buy right now in terms of design, performance, and overall user experience. Not every iPhone X owner is enjoying their $1,000 purchase, however.

Some iPhone X owners suffer serious glitches

Some are taking to forums and online message boards to complain about worrying glitches. Many report their handsets become so hot they’re unable to hold them.

“My wife’s iPhone X overheated last night and failed,” wrote one user on Reddit.

“The phone is so hot I could barley hold it. I have tried to restart, and connect to iTunes. It will not register being connected, and is frozen on the notification screen. It won’t cool down, even placed it in the freezer.”

“Does anyone experience with the iPhone X overheats or gets warm while operating multiple applications?” asks another user in the Apple Support Communities forum. “For me, when I run navigation apps like Waze, my X seems like it starts to overheating.”

“It has happened to me too,” writes another. “When I watched several videos on my Facebook app and then went on to Safari and watched some videos. It drained the battery quickly and got very hot.”

One user demonstrates the problem in a YouTube video. In this case, their iPhone X has become so warm the LED camera flash and flashlight function have been temporarily disabled. “The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash,” reads an error message.

Others have complained about this issue on Twitter.

“Going by the reports, maximum heat dispenses near the Apple logo on the back of the phone,” reports PiunikaWeb, which was first to recognize the complaints.

“It’s worth mentioning that in some cases – where after heating up, the phone refused to boot up despite doing all possible troubleshooting – Apple silently provided replacements.”

There is no fix

It’s unclear what is causing some iPhone X units to overheat. Buggy apps working overtime in the background could be to blame. A recent issue with the official YouTube client could cause increased temperatures and excessive battery drain.

However, this problem was quickly addressed by Google. It doesn’t appear that a certain app, or certain use habits, are to blame here. There is no fix, either — though some report that restarting their iPhone X made the problem disappear.

Others report excessive data consumption

Some users are also complaining about excessive data consumption on iPhone X.

“I use data once and awhile [sic], but I never go over my data plan which is 4GB per month,” explains one user. “The morning after I get the iPhone X, I curiously check my data usage through my cell provider and I had used almost 1GB.”

“Ever since, the data usage has been insane on this phone, to the point where I have contacted Apple and they have told me to turn my data usage off… Apple has given me no answers, other than the fact that the iPhone X has enhancements that might use cellular data regardless of a wifi connection.”

Apple is yet to acknowledge these issues publicly, but it’s likely the company is aware of them. We could see fixes in future iOS updates, but in the meantime, we recommend you contact Apple if you’re experiencing these issues.

  • tjwolf

    My phone has, on occasion, gotten uncomfortably hot and, worse yet, the battery drained too quickly. In my case, it was fairly easy to track down: Chess with Friends. That damn application used up crazy amounts of CPU – even though I used it for less than 1/2hr per day. As soon as I turned off background app refresh for it, my problems went away. Of course, now I don’t get notified when a move occurred in my active games – but, hey, it’s easy enough to occasionally go into the game and check.

    Apple should really institute some better application management – like letting users set caps on CPU/battery/cell-data usage. Instead of letting buggy (or privacy invading) apps ruin the phone’s battery.

  • Hasifleur

    I enjoy using the iPhone X. But in a few cases during conversations with several girls I’m dating the phone became excessively hot. The problem however is intermittent. Never happens when I speak with my mother.

  • Randy McGehee

    I am sure they will find a software throttle to slow it down and make it run cooler. Almost upgraded my 7 and am glad I did not.