iPad X concept looks edge-to-edge gorgeous


iPad Pro2
Now this is an iPad we'd love to see!
Photo: Martin Hajek

The iPhone X has brought an all-new design language to the iPhone, complete with jaw-dropping infinite display. But how would Apple’s iPad look if it adopted the same bezel-free aesthetics as Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone? Concept artist Martin Hajek decided to find out.

Check out a few of his images below.

“I present – the iPad X – same form factor as the iPad Pro 12.9″ but with a much bigger screen,” Hajek writes. “Oh, and it also has a notch,” he adds, with tongue in cheek. “Sorry.”

iPad Pro2
The gorgeous iPad X as it could look in profile.
Photo: Martin Hajek

While we’re not sure that the resulting iPad would be called the iPad X (X being the Roman numeral for 10 and the iPad not yet having had its tenth birthday), the design is certainly pretty attractive. Switching the design language to something similar to the iPhone X would also make sense, since Apple has shown time and time again that it likes to have a certain uniformity between its products.

Apple Pencil
We’re digging the black Apple Pencil. too!
Photo: Martin Hajek

Recent reports have suggested that Apple will introduce some big design changes to the iPad lineup next year, including the idea that it will follow the iPhone in ditching the home button. Much like its diminutive sibling, the iPad 2018 could also adopt a True Depth camera (with Face ID unlocking) and edge-to-edge display to the iPad.

What do you think of Martin Hajek’s iPad X concept? Would it be enough to get you running to the Apple Store to replace your existing iPad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • BillBob

    No bezel at all? … just how is one supposed to handle a touch screen device that large without causing erroneous touch input if the entire front surface is nothing but screen area?

    • Bear Capron

      I’d handle it the same way as my current iPad Pro, holding it by the back and the edge.

      • BillBob

        Yes, you can support the back of the iPad with your hand and grip the edge with your thumb but … if the touch screen goes all the way to the edge, won’t iOS recognize your thumb as it wraps the edge of the screen as touch input when your finger or thumb inadvertently touch live pixels?

      • Rick Ludwig

        Nope – if your hand is behind the iPad and your thumb is on the edge (not the bezel) you’re fine. This is how I hold my current iPads.

    • Yeah, this’ll never happen because of this. Not everyone wants to hold their large tablets so daintily that a slight bump and you’d drop it.

      Works for the phone because you don’t need both hands to hold the phone and you can still hold it so you can use your thumbs for keyboard entry.

  • Rick Ludwig

    Love it! Not so crazy about the Pencil, but I love the iPad X design!

  • Demonstr8r

    While this design looks great, it wouldn’t work for me. I always hold the iPad in landscape mode with my thumbs on the bezels, which allows my thumbs to easily switch to typing mode. Plus Face ID does not work in landscape orientation, although, I can see how Apple could make it work.

  • Jydn Jaya

    What I’m hoping is 9.7″ screen in the body of 7.9″ (or whatever the biggest screen size it can fit) + apple pencil support. I love the size of ipad mini. (i like both note and surface, but this form factor would be perfect, imho). Until then, I’m keeping my ipad mini 2 for now. Apple make it happen.. Next BF 2k18 maybe?! ~ @Jydn.Rao