Microsoft rips off AirDrop for Windows 10


Windows 10 AirDrop
Windows 10 gets its own AirDrop clone.
Photo: Microsoft

AirDrop, Apple’s incredibly convenient file-sharing feature, has been ripped off by Microsoft. The latest build of Windows 10 introduces the ability to quickly send files between computers using “Near Share.”

Introduced way back in 2011, AirDrop made it easier than ever for iOS and macOS users to wirelessly share files between their devices. The process is as easy as choosing the file you want to share, then choosing the device you want to share it with.

AirDrop comes to Windows 10

It’s taken well over six years, but Microsoft has finally caught up. The company now has an AirDrop clone of its own called Near Share. It’s baked into Windows 10 build 17035, which is now available to Insiders.

Just like AirDrop, Near Share lets you quickly send documents, photos, and more with nearby PCs over Bluetooth. It can be accessed it from the main share function in Windows 10, as well as from the notification center, Microsoft explains.

You’ll get a notification on your machine if you’re the recipient of a Near Share attachment. And you’ll obviously have the option to accept or decline it. This prevents people from sending random files to your machine when they’re close by.

Try Near Share today

You can try Near Share today by installing the latest Insider build on your Windows 10 PC. You’ll need to sign up to the Insider program first, then check for software updates.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Near Share? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey Microsoft, running out of names, huh?

    • Bespin

      iTunes? LOL what a disaster most garbage POC piece of software ever

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        I agree it could be improved, but I was referring to the name Near Share.. Do you always go off topic?

        And what does Microsoft have for a music player? Or a music streaming service?

      • Bespin

        Groove still does intelligent AI streaming from one drive music folder… as for the rest they are concentrating on cloud, quantum and mixed reality

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Groove streaming services tanked. They just retired it.

        No one cares about Groove.

        quantum? Quantum what? Mixed reality? So what.

        Apple’s already has streaming from the Cloud. It’s called iTunes Match and it came out many years ago. It uploads music in your ITunes library or matches songs from their iTunes catalog of downloads and allows one to stream from the cloud on any device. It’s a great service, it’s cheap and it works pretty well. I don’t store music files on any of my mobile devices because of this and most of my catalog of music was ripped from a CD. Microsoft is actually way behind the times with their app.

      • Bespin

        Topological Quantum next trillion dollar industry

        Cortana + alexa = Cortexa initially trained 30x faster

        see average person has no clue

        ALL aboul AI/Quantum/MR

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Topological quantum computing? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Apple doesn’t do that, it’s not part of their business model. I guess Microsoft’s moving away from mobile devices since they sucked at Smartphones, and PC sales are dying. Microsoft has to pivot because what they are doing isn’t working.

        Quantum computing isn’t a product the masses are going to be buying.

      • Bespin

        Or creating a new Quantum Computing Stack?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        But they still have to buy a device to get connected to Q. So, they can still use an Apple device.

        Remember Quantum computing is more back end server computing, nothing the end user really sees other than through an application that runs on your computing device.. So, there’s no reason why Microsoft would create a Quantum computer and not have an app that runs on an Apple device.

        Competing in AR? They are adding AR and they are adding AR that runs on their devices. They seem to have a lot of developers developing AR applications and games to run on their iPhones and iPads. As long as they have decent AR apps and games that people want to run, that’s all they need to do. It’s a situation where there’s a winner and a loser scenario. You seem to think that for Microsoft or Google to win, Apple has to lose. That’s where you’d be wrong.

        Apple’s smart enough to see future trends. Did you think Google Glass or Hololens was going to be a big deal? Well, so far, they are both flops. Nothing worth discussing.

        Ugly watch? They own the smartwatch market and they are getting a lot of companies in the health care 100% behind Apple. Apple’s owning that market.

        And what happened to the pile of crap Microsoft watch?

        Zune – DEAD
        Windows RT – DEAD
        WIndows Phones – DEAD
        Surface Studio – never really sold that well, soon to be dead.
        Surface Book – never really sold that well, soon to be dead.
        Surface Pro – just barely hanging on
        Surface Laptop – Don’t know. People don’t seem to talk about how well it’s doing or not doing.
        Microsoft Smartwatch – Dead

        What change has been made in the smartphone world that’s so impactful? Think about this.

        According to Google 85% of the Android users (both tablet and smartphone) are using Marshmallow or earlier. That’s a OS that’s OVER 2 generations old. If Google has 2 Billion active devices, then only 300 Million of them run Nougat or Oreo. That’s it. In order to get a device that runs Nougat or Oreo, you have to spend $300+ for a phone, or $100 or for a tablet. Go to Apple. Apple has over 1 Billion iOS devices (iPad or iPhone), and their phones are priced at $350+ and run either IOS 10 or IOS 11. That’s the equivalent of Nougat or Oreo. But that’s over 1 billion devices.

        Now, let’s look at ASP. Average Selling Price of a smartphone. That’s based on what is selling,

        Android – $200
        iPhone – $617

        So, if 85% of the Android users are using a OS that’s over 2 years old. Then only about 300 Million Android devices are even comparable to Apple’s 1 Billion active devices.

        Your Quantum computing isn’t going to be put inside a smartphone. It will just be an app that runs on servers that connect to the user through an App. You think Microsoft’s not going to have apps developed to run on Apple devices to get connected to their Quantum computers? You are shortsighted.

        If Microsoft just killed off the Windows phone and their employees need to use a Smartphone, what do you think they are going to buy? Most fo them are going to use an iPhone. They also still write their Office Apps to run on macOS computers and IOS devices, so Microsoft knows to support Apple’s devices, which they do. So if Microsoft Quantum computing actually turns into anything useful, it’s just going to be for servers and then the devices we use will just have an app that we interface through.

        The AirPods happen to have been selling far beyond Apple’s expectations that they have constantly run out of inventory due to them being hot sellers. The Home Pod hasn’t shipped yet, but I’m sure they’ll sell a few million of them in the first year. I don’t see any of these smart speakers as that big of a deal. People will buy them and probably use them sparingly. Each one is tied to whatever services they are tied to and that’ll all get worked out over time. It’s still just an accessory type product, not a major platform.

      • Bespin

        Airpods LOL ugly as sin, fanboi abuses their looks

  • ♦[PharLeff]♦

    Can’t wait for this to not work as advertised. :P

  • Steve__S

    It’s a nice feature that I use all the time. They probably should copy it.

  • Alphaman64

    AirDrop only uses Bluetooth to initiate the wifi network. Once your peer is detected, an encrypted, ad-hoc wifi network is created for the transfer.

  • Cborland

    Apple just ripped off th Bluetooth PAN.

  • Bespin

    Rip off? Apple so outdated consider it a compliment I guess

    Apple so old any feature the patent ran out on so lets put it to good use
    No one cares about Macs anymore let it go fanbois

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Macs are actually holding their own compared to the PC industry and many of the PC mfg. They still outsell Microsoft’s Surface line up by leaps and bounds. Apple’s still amongst the top computer brands. Plus, Apple actually makes a profit from whatever they sell. The PC mgf’s are all not making much actual profit, so they are actually slowly going out of business. My guess is that either Asus or Acer will be the first to be on the chopping block as their sales are dropping by double digits, and they don’t make much, if any profit.

      • Bespin

        Macs are at best #5 Surface is to blow open categories see HP and Lenovo

      • Bespin

        Macs are currently #5 on list used to be #1..look at them the keyboard the price easy to see the slide in rank

        keep in mind Apple eco is sliding…less macs as a whole, less iphones as a whole, less ipads as a whole. Covered up by 300 price rises

        World rejecting apple eco

        Its like watchin Antartica melt will take a while but IS happening, no denying it.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Here’s some large corporations that are already buying Macs and ditching Windows computers as part of the computers used.

      IBM. They’ve installed well over 100,000 Macs since they started to use them.
      IBM/ Japan has standardized on Macs.
      Walmart just finished a pilot project using several thousand Macs and based on their calculations of how much money they save in IT support costs, they are planning on rolling out about 100,000 Macs over the next year.
      Capital One has a large installation of Macs.
      SAP has a large implementation of Macs.
      Cisco has a fairly large number of employees using Macs.
      Jet Propulsion Labs standard laptop is a MacBook Pro.

      You simply don’t have your facts straight. Apple’s starting to make large inroads to the corporate environment and they are gaining traction replacing Windows computers with Macs.

      • Bespin

        Yet Military installed MILLIONS of PCs so those are blips

        LOL all cloud roads lead through Azure the cloud of clouds

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Apple makes more profits than Microsoft, Google combined..

        Apple doesn’t compete against Microsoft or Amazon for web services. They don’t really compete against those. Facebook? Huh? Apple doesn’t compete against Facebook.

        Here’s something to chomp on.

        Apple – Net Profits for the last 4 quarters – $48.351 Billion

        Microsoft – Net Profits for the last 4 quarters – $22.113 Billion. Microsoft and Apple compete directly with regards to selling computers with their respective names on them. But Apple crushing Microsoft. Notice how Microsoft got out of the Windows phone market and now their upper management is using iPhones? Microsoft’s revenues are based on software sales, which isn’t Apple’s revenue stream. Apple sells mostly iPhones, iPads, and Macs in that order and those are hardware devices. In terms of Services, Apple generates revenue from their “services” which is a combination of Apple Music, ITunes music, App Store, AppleCare and things like that.

        Amazon – Net Profits for the last 4 quarters – $1.925 Billion. Amazon doesn’t even compete against Apple. Amazon is an internet retail store and web services company. Apple doesn’t sell web services, and they aren’t a retail internet store. So, they really don’t compete.

        Google – Net Profits for the last 4 quarters – $21.015 Billion. Apple doesn’t really compete against Google in terms of where they derive their revenue. Google makes the majority of their revenues from selling ads and ad clicks.

        Facebook – I don’t know why you even mentioned FaceBook, Apple doesn’t even compete with FaceBook on any level.

        Apple’s probably going to be the biggest selling smartphone mfg. for their sales for this specific quarter, so they are doing just fine financially. They are hardly a dinosaur. They reached a peak in terms of gross revenues a couple of years ago, but they might be going to another growth period. That’s what happens with companies. They go through hyper growth, then they reach a peak, and then they have growth spurts. Some are predicting that this next year is going to be a growth period for Apple. But they are hardly a dinosaur. More and more businesses are adopting to Apple due to the reduced IT support costs.

        Quantum computing isn’t even a reality yet. It’s more theoretical. It remains to be seen what comes of Microsoft’s R&D, but so far, nothing other than fluff ads trying to sucker people like yourself into a pipe dream. Maybe something will come of it, but it’s still not something to replace desktops, laptops or mobile computing.

        IBM has been selling Watson to large companies and the healthcare industry and that’s something IBM’s been working on for AI computing. IBM has a list of other business related applications that cater to most of the big industries and government, as IBM is very much intrenched in that side of the tech industry. IBM has just simply gone out of the hardware sales as they focus more on business software and services, so they changed their business model. But IBM’s very much still relevant as IBM helps large businesses and governments with software solutions and services. They are heavily intrenched in a many different business markets. But you sound too ignorant to what IBM actually does. They have over 400,000 employees and then another 100,000+ contractors. That’s not something to sneeze at with regards to a company. Microsoft keeps on laying people off. heck, they just laid off about 3,000 people not that long ago. Microsoft is running scared because their PC business isn’t doing that well, their smartphone business tanked, and they are trying to move into selling web services instead.

      • Bespin

        here is something to chomp on once phone fails apple is DONE

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Once iPhone fails? And when is that going to happen? So far, they are the only company that seems to make decent profits from the smartphone industry.

        They have about 75% of the market share of smartphones in the $350+ price category, and the new iPhone X seems to be solidifying that.

      • Bespin

        I’d say by 2019 it will be evident by 2023 complete

        AI will be HER on other platforms using Q

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        When someone makes gloom and doom statements about Apple, they are usually wrong. So what makes you think you’re right? Steve Ballmer was wrong about Apple. Michael Dell was wrong about Apple. Most analysts that talk gloom and doom about Apple are usually wrong. So what makes you think you’re right?

        Who’s “HER”?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        iPhones have over 70% of the Enterprise market.

        iPhones replaced the market Blackberry used to own, the Enterprise, and that’s not letting up anytime soon. if you have large corporations like IBM, GE, and many other LARGE corporations using iPhones, they aren’t going anywhere.

        They still maintain the largest selling single models.

        The Android smartphone mfg. can’t sell many high priced Android phones. Android caters to the low income market. Apple caters to the professionals and higher income market.

        Quantum computing isn’t going to replace the smartphone. it’s just a back end technology that will someday run on servers and the user interfaces with those servers through an app. So, you really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Microsoft just official killed off the Windows phone, and now Microsoft execs are using iPhones. so what are you talking about? iPhones are more popular in the enterprise world. iPhones didn’t replace flip phones, they replaced Blackberry’s and people started buying more smartphones instead of flip phones, but there is still a number of people that are buying flip phones, but the low priced Android phones have taken over the low end flip phone market from that standpoint.

        Bespin, I don’t know what drugs you are taking, but you really don’t know how to analyze this properly.

        There’s no sign that shows that Apple’s iPhone platform is going away. No sign of that whatsoever.

        What’s going on is that people are just simply holding onto their devices longer than they used to before they buy a new phone. So they might have some flat periods of sales or slight drops, they’ll still have growth spurts. What’s happened in the smartphone world is that it went through it’s initial growth period and things are just becoming more stable. nothing wrong with consistently selling over 200 Million Smartphones that are priced in the $600 to $700 range of Average Selling Price. No one else comes close. Samsung sells over 300 Million phones, but at an Average Selling Price of only $222. Huawei sells a lot of phones but their Average Selling Price is $148. The other smartphone mfg. like Oppo, Vivo, One Plus also have low Average Selling Prices in the $200 range.

        If you look at Apple’s yearly cycle. Every year, they announce new iPhones in Sept. Then Apple has a huge spike during the December quarter. That spike is going higher and higher and hasn’t shown any slowdown. Then each quarter afterwards, iPhone sales go down until the next Sept quarter where they start to go back up because they announce a new phone. Then in Dec. It spikes. That’s been going on for many years, it’s the Apple “cycle”, so when you look at Apple, make sure you are looking at the entire cycle, not one quarter.

        In 2015, they reached a peak and sold about 235 Million phones, they dipped to about 215 Million phones in 2016, but then in 2017, they went back up to over 220 Million phones. We’ll see what happens in 2018, but so far, they are off to a good start and they might exceed 2015’s 235 Million phones sold. So it was just one year where they had a slight drop. Nothing to really worry about. Now, if Apple has a year to year continual drop then I’d worry, but that hasn’t happened. Each Dec Apple’s had more sales in that quarter which is their biggest quarter.

        Also, Apple’s now opening up Apple Stores in India, they have started to mfg. phones in India to cater to that market and they are selling growth in that market. If they continue, then Apple will see continued growth in India.

        You really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about and all you are doing is spitting your misleading Windows fanboy nonsense.

        It’s possible that Apple, Google and Microsoft can all be successful and still co-exist. It’s not where one company goes out of business because another is successful. So while Apple sells less phones than the Android platform. Apple’s making decent profits because what they sell actually makes a profit. The majority of the Android phones sold are cheap $200 or less phones and those phones don’t make much of a profit.

        Same thing is going on with PCs. Apple sells about 20+ Million Macs per year, but what they sell actually make a decent profit. so while Apple only has about 7% marketshare globally, what they sell actually makes a profit, whereas the PC mfg. like HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer don’t make any profit.

        Dell lost over $1 Billion last 2 years in a row.
        HP, is barely making any money, and they are about to lay off another 3,000 to 4,000 employees
        Asus, Acer barely make any money and their sales are going down YoY by double digits.
        Lenovo isn’t making much profit either.
        Microsoft isn’t even rank high end to be amongst the top PC mfg. They don’t sell enough units.

        Since Apple hasn’t refreshed their entire product line every year, they have pent up demand for things they haven’t refreshed. But Apple’s planning on releasing new desktops next year, and I’m sure they’ll have another laptop refresh, so next year, should be pretty good from a Mac sales perspective. But as it stands now, PC sales decline is going down. Mac sales stay pretty flat over all. They might dip down during one quarter or so, but overall, they seem to be pretty steady and sometimes they go up when the PC industry does down.

        iPad sales went up last quarter because Apple had released their new iPad Pro models back in June. So we’ll see what happens with the future of iPads because they are definitely increasing the processing power, and IOS for iPad is getting lots of major features that make it more of a rival to a desktop powered device. With the iPad Pro, that A10X chip rivals the chips used in Surface Pro 4 i5 and i7 versions. And next year’s A11X is going to get pretty close to surpassing I7’s used in Surface Pros.

        My suggestion to you is for you to stop putting completely misleading comments that have nothing valid to back up your claims. Apple’s not going anywhere. You act like they are going out of business, yet their financial statements prove that out of all of the tech companies in the computer device world, Apple will be the only company making a profit from what devices they sell.

      • Bespin

        Very nice read and I agree on all points apart from a Windows phone being gone as you know as well as I do MSFT is not done with Mobile.

        No as for your essay on Apple.. the “smartphone” market is saturated as such everyone has one or more. Apple ‘s iPhone is in decline unit wise as a percent of the global market. Only solution to avoid that reality…raise prices and squeeze fanboi.

        What will happen in short order, compelling always connected ARM based devices not restricted to the old walled garden app model.

        The Cloud and AI will replace the need for an App Store which is “old school” .

        IPhone will be replaced. When it is Apple eco is destroyed. See Black Berry.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone is DEAD. They are doing some updates, but they are not coming out with new phones..

        Sorry for the lengthy comments, but you can’t have very good discussions over these topics with 10 words or less.

        We are discussing a lot of different things, and it’s more involved discussions.

        They aren’t going to put out new phones.

        The iPhone really isn’t declining. Since iPhones get more OS updates than a typical Android phone, people are forced to buy a new Android phone if they want to get the newer OS. Look at Android now, 85% of the Android users have to buy a new phone to get Nougat or Oreo. With Apple, over 90% of the iPhone users just have to install IOS 11, and now they have over 50% of their user base using IOS 11 and it came out after Oreo, and Oreo has less than 1% using it.

        A cheap Android phone doesn’t last very long, so people have to buy many of them during the same time period that an iPhone user buys an iPhone.

        Apple’s market share goes up and down because they are on a 1 year refresh cycle. With Android, almost every month a new model from someone comes out. But again, the average selling price of Android phones is $200 and you can’t get a very good phone for $200 or less. Those are just cheap phones being purchased by people that live in low income areas, or they might be burner phones.

        I think the BEST way to compare iPhones is with Android phones that are priced at $300 or higher, that’s a more fair comparison because those people have a choice between both platforms. If they can’t afford a $300 or more phone, then they can’t buy an iPhone, so the consumer is forced to buy Android. But those cheap Android phones don’t last long, they don’t get OS updates, and they are just cheap phones.

        If you compare iPhone market share to Android phones costing $300 or higher, Apple is selling more like 2 to 1. That’s what should be compared. Think of it like Mercedes to Toyota. Mercedes doesn’t sell cars below $35K, but Toyota sells tons of cars below $35K, so if you remove all of the sales of Toyota cars that are cheaper, then you get a fair comparison of equally priced cars sold. Then the numbers look drastically different. Same scenario.

        Don’t compare cheap Android phones to iPhones. That’s where it’s just silly to compare.

        EVERYONE has a walled garden if you think about it. Can you run iOS apps on and Android phone? NO. Then you can only use Android Apps. Can you run an Android app on a Windows computer? NO. People don’t do that. Now, here’s something where Apple goes outside that walled garden. one can legally run Windows on a Mac, so you can run Windows apps on a Mac with no degradation of speed.

        The “walled garden” is kind of a silly. Everyone, in a sense, has their own “walled garden”. Microsoft tends for users to use Microsoft’s walled garden, etc. etc.

        But I can run Microsoft’s Office Apps, Google’s Office like apps or Apple’s Office Apps on any Apple device, so an Apple user can use ANY walled garden from that perspective.

        Black Berry was replaced with iPhone. Until someone can beat Apple, then Apple is the leader amongst the Enterprise market and the higher priced smartphone market. People that don’t have enough money to buy an iPhone generally don’t have good paying jobs or they are living on Food Stamps.

        Microsoft, with all of their might couldn’t do it. Samsung can’t do it. Huawei can’t do it. Google can’t do it. So far, no one has come out with anything that really can take down Apple. So you are just spouting misleading nonsense because there is no proof of anything taking down Apple. If anything, Apple’s getting more sales. Samsung Galaxy/Note sales aren’t doing that well as Samsung is not only getting hit by Apple, but Huawei is going after Samsung, as well as other Android mfg. are going after Samsung. they haven’t really made much of a dent against Apple. The market research is misleading people because they don’t discuss price categories.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        The Cloud and AI will replace the need for an App Store? What have you been smoking.

        AI is only going to help for certain things. it’s not going replace everything. IN fact, there will just be apps that you download that connect to AI based applications. The Cloud? That’s more for data storage. Using an App that resides in the cloud? Apple already has their apps available for use through the cloud, but most people aren’t using it. It’s more like a worse case scenario if they don’t have their device handy but they have access to a computer that’s on the internet.

        I think if cloud based apps are going to replace traditional apps, it’s going to be a while because internet speeds aren’t fast enough and consistent enough. Sorry, but it’s going to take a LONG time before that happens. Remember, not everyone in the world has a great internet connection. Heck,, in India, they are just rolling out 4G/LTE and there are many areas without any cellar or WiFi connection.

      • Bespin

        The cloud for data storage ..LOL shows you have no real sense of the scale.

        The iPhone had a good run , the X is a “device for fans” like the 950/950XL X wont change a thing nor stop Apples decline in importance.

        People have moved on.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You are talking in very vague terms, nothing has come out that’s going to displace what people currently use.

        Smartphones haven’t totally replaced laptops or desktops. We typically replace smartphones more often because they get refreshed more frequently where it makes more sense to upgrade a phone more frequently than a laptop.

        Laptops and desktops will continue to sell for the foreseeable future and so will tablets, smartphones and smart watches.

        What you’re talking about might take another 20 to 30 years from now, and I’m sure Apple will change as technology changes, but we still have to have a device of some sort to use whatever apps we want to use. There will still be application development and a need for apps, so your just talking nonsense.

      • Bespin

        Not really..Windows 10 launched the cloud era not the same as the previous era that included SmartPhones. In the Cloud era services displace devices and no room for walled off gardens. The cloud era has mixed reality at the forefront and not with handheld devices like smartphones.

        The AI is at the forefront, SIRI already behind going to get even more behind especially with Apple artificial differential privacy BS.

        Even IF Apple were to pull off AR glasses,,so what no one could live where they don’t have the computing power not the software chomps to pull any of that off.

        The software will always trump Hardware and applies age of expensive hardware is coming to a conclusion fast. Paradigm shifts wipe out old tech.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        What cloud apps are you talking about?

      • Bespin

        Windows itself is as a service ..complete feature changes twice a year by now traditionally would be 10 (1507) 11 (1511) 12 (1607) 13 (1703) 14 (1709)…rapid changes scalability

        By 2025 90% of services and data in the cloud not on “devices”

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Complete feature changes? What the original features didn’t work? Pretty soon, Microsoft’s going to charge a yearly fee to use it. That’s what they do with their Enterprise customers. They have to pay a yearly fee to use Windows 10. They might have to do the same thing for average consumers.

        Windows as a service? What does THAT mean? I think you bought into the Microsoft marketing hype and all Microsoft is doing is releasing new updates to fix problems and add features it should have had a long time ago.

        Microsoft is just confused and they don’t know what they are doing. Why do you think large corporations like IBM are ditching Windows and going with Macs? A lot of those features simply aren’t useful to the average person.

      • Bespin

        You mean CAL and Volume licensing? OF COURSE Enterprises pay do you live under a rock? This is NOT new.

        MSFT already stated there is NO annual fee for consumers with 10 in fact its was and still is s FREE upgrade for life until 12/31 for non-enterprise.

        WaaS means a service like Chrome is what version of Chrome do you run? see does not matter.

        IBM and Apple are partners two dinosaurs trying to “team up”

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Here’s what happened to me. I was at a location where they had a public Windows computer hooked up to a Dell printer. I had to print something out that was on the internet through an 0on-line account. So, I logged into the Windows computer, brought up the document I had to print out, and it wouldn’t allow me to do it. So, I asked the administrator if I could connect my MacBookPro to the Dell printer and print using my Mac instead of Windows. They told me it was OK, but I have to make sure I have the Dell drivers installed. So, I took out my MacBook, connected a printer I’ve never used before, and it recognized the printer (and I’ve never used that printer before), I didn’t have to download and install any stupid printer drivers. I could easily print from my Mac to a Dell printer within seconds. The person that administrates the PC looked at me like I was from another planet. He asked me how I could do that without having to download and install drivers. I responded. Because I have a Mac, Macs already come with most printer drivers automatically so we don’t have to waste time/money downloading and installing printer drivers. It’s this type of thing that makes a Mac WAY better than PCs. PCs suck when it comes to things like that. This is just one of many reasons why people that used to use Windows switched to Mac.. I used to use Windows and to me, it’s just a mess and I wasted more time/money dealing with silly problems. Now go run along and use your Windows computer and stop bothering people on a Apple centric site.

      • Bespin

        Bothering people? I would gather IF mac was so superior it would have greater market share same with iPhone. Go ahead an ask any Windows 10 user if drivers were an issue…see thats old school W10 is fine and “just works”

        See what really happened is people switched to Mac either during “I’m a Mac” or after iPhone and have not used windows in ages. THen Studio came made iMac cancel their event so 20-30 year Mac users now using Studio or PC and guess what they all now ditz Mac as old.

        Ask Andrew Zarian on What the Tech..he was a Mac user now bashes them regularly..hes not alone

        Same will happen with Andromeda… iPhone ditzing after all the ULTIMATE MOBILE DEVICE will do that.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        IBM is ditching Windows computers and they carry far more weight than Andrew Zarian. Walmart, after seeing what benefits IBM has had with Macs, decided to do their own pilot to see if Macs were better, worse or the same as Windows. So they bought a few thousand Macs and they found that their users required less IT support than the Windows users, so that’s a LARGE company doing a private comparison with a large sample size of users.

        Andrew Zarian is ONE PERSON, I personally think he’s an idiot, but he’s just some tech talk show reviewer, most of those guys are idiots.. I don’t know him, but most of these tech reviewers are usually dumb people. They typically just review tech products and they don’t work in a large enterprise environment, they don’t consider everything and many just want to use what the latest crap is. So, I’m not some sheep that follows what THEY use.

        I’ve been using Macs on/off since the late 80’s and after using both Windows and Macs side by side in a work environment, I decided against Windows because it was just not a great experience and I found myself getting my work done on a Mac and NOT on a PC.

        Buy what you want to buy, but leave Mac users alone, you sound like some crazy lunatic trying to put down anything Apple does to pitch Microsoft like some crazy religious nut case that won’t go away.

        I don’t have time to spend with you anymore since you don’t listen, and you just troll Mac sites to convert to Windows. Tough. I’ll switch when Microsoft and others can put something out that’s better, and so far, they haven’t impressed me. Price and specs isn’t better if the OS sucks. Windows SUCKS. I’ve used Windows 10. it’s not that great.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        I never said the A11 can do X86 or X64. It doesn’t matter. If you can do 4K video editing or other higher end applications with the same or better performance than using an X86, that’s what we’re talking about. it’s all about computing power. The A11X should benchmark out very similar to a low end i7. The A10X is almost there. You can do 4K video editing just fine on a A10X and you couldn’t using a i5 on a Surface Pro. And the A11X is going to be much more powerful than that. iPad apps are getting more and more powerful and getting closer to their desktop equivalents. Apple’s ARM processors are getting faster each year more than X86 chips are. It’s just a matter of time, but right now, the A11 outpaces many of the i5’s used in laptops, and the A11X is going to have much better graphics performance.

      • Bespin

        Where is the software ?????? People are NOT going to start using infinity photo over Photoshop get real

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You can use Photoshop on an iPad Pro. Where have you been?

        Some people might choose Infinity over Photoshop, so you’d have to ask those that have used both to see what they prefer.

        Where did I state Infinity photo in my comment? You seem to put words in people’s mouths.. STOP IT.

        There’s NLE apps that run quite well on an IOS device.

        Fillmic Pro, LumaTouch has some cool apps that run on IOS that are quite good for MOST users for NLE. So you don’t have to necessarily waste money on an expensive NLE.

      • Bespin

        Quantum-AI- Mixed Reality= your future

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Every platform is working on AI, so I’m not worried over that. Mixed reality? So far, I don’t have a need for it. It’s interesting, but it’s still in it’s infancy.

        Quantum, again, that’s for the server side and I couldn’t give a rip what happens on that end, as long as it works. And so far, IBM’s a lot further than Microsoft as they have working models. But so far, it’s in R&D mode and it’ll be used for servers first is my guess. I don’t know how long it will take before It gets to the desktop, let alone a mobile devices.

        Either way, Apple will get it when it does, but right now, it’s just a pipe dream and it’s going to be for the masses for some time.

        I think you watched too many Microsoft commercials.

        Right now, mixed reality and Quantum computing isn’t anything that you or I or most people even need to worry about.

        You have just been brainwashed by Microsoft. they are good at that. Meanwhile, Microsoft can’t produce and market a mobile device with success. Heck, even a hole in the wall company can spit out an Android phone and outsell Windows phones.

      • Bespin

        You literally have no idea of the difference between topological and classical quantum computing do you??

        Not all AI is created the same. Let’s grow up here. The cloud companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, which by the way are partnering to form an AI called Cortexa. I will have a dramatically better artificial intelligence platform than any other of the non cloud vendors like Apple.

        I will remind you, you had no need for a touch screen. Smart phone before the iPhone came out and now you seem to be in love with it technology changes. Apple cannot always be on top in the iPhone is with their tied too. They will die by the iPhone.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        So are they developing hardware or software/. YOU really haven’t explained anything specific. You through out words, but you don’t put any meaning behind them.

        IBM is working on quantum computers and they have them in use today, no pipe dream. A working system.

        They have Watson which is one of the most advanced AI on the market, again, that’s software that’s already being used in the healthcare industry as well as others to help people find out how to deal with complex issues. And the app runs on an iPad.

        Of course a touch screen makes sense for a mobile device, but it doesn’t necessarily make sense for a desktop or laptop as it creates a more ergonomic issue that may not be that easy to use. I see people with PC laptops all of the time with a touch screen, yet they don’t use it. Why? Because it’s easier to use the keyboard and track pad, otherwise you have to move your hand/arm up and down from the keyboard to the screen and back to the keyboard and that’s just not ergonomic. Now, if your screen is a certain angle and you are standing up, similar to a retail sales clerk, restaurant cashier where they are standing up, you can use a touch screen, but they can also use a less expensive tablet on a stand at the same angle. Touch screen makes sense in some cases and in others it make less sense. For a mobile device, sure, but not in a laptop, I just wouldn’t use it that often, if at all. The mistake you are making is you are singling out the iPhone. Why? Are you THAT angry at Apple? If the iPhone goes away, so would all of the Android phones, but I don’t see mobile devices going away. What’s going to replace them? Goggles? Google Glass already failed in the mass market, so did Sony’s similar glasses and so did those Spectacles. So, what is going to replace a smartphone? A Watch? Apple has the best selling smart watch. Be specific? Quantum computing? Quantum computing is NOT a device you carry around. Quantum computing is more back end system, but the user has to interface with that back end system somehow on some computing device. It could be a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, watch, etc.

        Apple is building their own AI, because some of the AI computing is done inside the device as in the Face ID, they wouldn’t want to have to link to a server system for that, that would be horrific and unnecessary when it can be done on the device itself. Siri already goes out to various servers. They use Bing, and they could also use other systems and depending on the question or request, it would either do it internally to the device OR it would go to an outside Ai system, so it’s not all one or the other. Apple really doesn’t talk about everything on the back end with Siri, so don’t make up fictitious lies about something you know nothing about. For all we know, Apple might get Siri connected with IBM’s Watson for certain requests. If I go to a virtual assistant to request something be done on an app within the device, why would it need to go to a cloud AI system? It wouldn’t. it would just do the request within the device.

        IBM has been developing different types of AI and Quantum Computing for decades and they are switching from Windows to Apple devices, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone or smart watch.

        Microsoft, which failed at selling a smartphone and smartwatch are now starting to use iPhones.

        Building a back end system to sell it as a SERVICE is something that Apple currently doesn’t do, and I don’t know if they have plans to do that either. They design devices, OS’s for those devices and various hardware and software for those devices. We are ALWAYS GOING TO NEED A DEVICE. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet watch, etc. They are just different forms. but those aren’t going anywhere, if so, what are they going to be replaced with? Microsoft and Amazon have no idea what’s going to replace a smartphone.

      • Bespin

        You seem to be speaking the IBM+ Apple company line. The touchscreen makes total sense you must be confusing the touch bar kludge.

        IF you have a Surface you would find touch is natural no gorilla arms, sure I use KB/Mouse I also use Voice, pen, and touch …see its natural to have choices. For instance scrolling, a webpage is so natural with tough or pinch to zoom etc. Need a play button? Touch it.

        In fact, touch is so natural when I come across a no-touch device it’s disappointing.

        The most advanced AI is NOT Watson silly, its Azure and that is the “Worlds First AI Supercomputer”. Watson is nothing other than a much lesser AI.

        Topological Quantum is scalable what IBM is working on is not… Microsoft hired a Fields winner in theoretical math 20 years ago to develop the math for topological Quantum and waited for a theoretical quasiparticla call a Majorana Fermion (first postulated in 1937) to be created

        IBM, D wave , Google are doing Classical Quantum and or Classical Quantum Annealing so much error correction the output is unusable. You cannot observe Q. Dwave claims to have 2000 Qbits yet its been proven massive GPUS are just as fast.

        Topological Quantum is stable and scalable… robust and true Quantum a NEW COMPUTING STACK! Gamechanger.

        Smartphone WILL BE fully replaced by pocket PC’s just a matter of time..IPhone is toast. Apple is in over its head and so behind its crazy.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        The Cloud computing with Windows 10 is more of a way to go against Google Chromebooks, which are low end laptops. That’s why Microsoft is moving in that direction. It’s not to go against an Apple Smartphone.

      • Bespin

        Its to replace Both Smartphone and XBOX . Yes XBOX is GONE in under three years console gaming DEAD..IPhone is dead too.

        Expensive devices with local processing are stone cold dead , it no longer makes any sense in the grand scheme of this paradigm shift

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        iPhone isn’t dead. They are selling more iPhones this year than they did when the 6/6+ got released and that was the biggest smartphone released on the market. So, it’s far from being dead. What’s dead is Windows phones.

        What are people going to replace a smartphone with? No one has any better device.

        What are people going to use instead of a smartphone? Can’t name the product can you? Goggles? NOPE..

  • Bespin

    Boys and Girls we have the gate…#COLDGATE cant airdrop is IPhone X display not working

    Yes #coldgate time!

    14 days for return trying to get you past that date with “software fix” lies

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      If the cold weather issue is easily fixed with a software patch, then it’s a non-issue. Apple’s not trying to get you past the 14 day return period. They admitted there is a problem and they are in the process of developing a software fix. once the fix is released, then it’s a non-issue.

      • Bespin

        Past 14 days …I’ve heard the software patch incoming from apple a lot and often vaporizes.. Vaporpatch

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Well, Apple just released 3 new models of phones and a new OS at the same time. There will always be little issues and Apple is taking care of them, actually pretty quickly. it’s normal for any platform to have little bugs that need to be fixed. No platform is immunized to having little bugs especially when new hardware and a NEW major OS is released at the same time.

        They are all pretty minor so far. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

        You really have a problem that is associated with Windows and Android users that hate Apple. Making mountains out of a molehill.

        Look at Windows 10, they had issues that took months and even years to address. So, stop spouting nonsense.

      • Bespin

        Windows 10 did not freeze in cold, can you imagine car becoming useless in cold? This is bad environmental testing ..then the green controller line. Feels to me they rushed the X m(scheduled for 2018) for the holidays and decreased face ID thresholds..all about making the holiday and fix it later…Apple has the egg on face literally. Their reputation for “just works” in the toilet with every new #gate

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        WIndows 10 couldn’t even work with most older hardware due to lack of drivers. Anyone that tried to upgrade their older computer had so many problems, the PC mfg. were telling people not to upgrade an old computer because they lacked drivers.

        Oh, and the Surface Book rebooting problem that existed for many months wasn’t an issue? Microsoft couldn’t fix that problem for many months.