Apple Park campus expands in new flyover footage


Apple Park flyover
The campus Apple deserves.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Another month, another Apple Park flyover, revealing just just how far Apple’s impressive campus has come along since construction began.

As the October drone video shows, the HQ is now virtually complete, with much of the remaining work being finishing touches for the landscaping. Trees are being moved in, paths are being put into place, a basketball and tennis court is also in progress, while the visitor’s center is now finished. Check out the video below.

Apple Park has proved to be an ambitious undertaking. Along with the perfectionist details Apple executives have insisted on for inside the buildings, the landscaping has also been the source of numerous headaches — largely due to the sheer scale of the project. In particular, designers had to source around 9,000 trees, which they then stored in the nearby town of Sunol, as well as on the construction site.

Last month, the campus’ Steve Jobs Theater was used for the official iPhone X and iPhone 8 event. Apple employees are now working on site, although it may still take a while before all 13,000 (the equivalent of 35 fully-filled Boeing 747s) are in place and everything is completed.

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