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Apple named world’s most valuable brand for fifth consecutive year


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That sound you hear is champagne flutes clinking in Cupertino.
Photo: Interbrand

Apple has had another great year, which is why it’s no surprise to hear that brand consultancy Interbrand has just named it the world’s most valuable brand for a highly impressive fifth year in a row.

Apple was followed by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, and IBM — all of which helped technology firms dominate the top 10 list.

Interestingly, of the tech companies at the top of Interbrand’s list, Apple was the one which experienced the smallest increase in “brand value.” Interbrand measures this as a combination of financial performance of the branded products or services, the role the brand plays in influencing purchase decisions, and the strength the brand possesses in garnering a premium price.

Apple’s brand value was measured as $184,154 million, which was up 3 percent from last year. The biggest tech brand increases in the top 20 were Amazon (with an increase of 29 percent) and Facebook (with a massive 48 percent.) Apple’s closest rival, meanwhile, was Google — in second place — which grew 6 percent in brand value over the past year.

As is the case with anything as subjective or speculative as brand value, there’s a bit of guesswork involved with all of this, of course. However, it’s yet another reminder of just how successful Apple continues to be here in 2017.

As if analysts talking about a possible $1 trillion market valuation in the next year wasn’t enough of a clue…

You can check out the rest of Interbrand’s report here.