$1,000 iPhone X is a steal, says Tim Cook


Tim Cook
Tim Cook talks up Apple's new iPhones.
Photo: Good Morning America

$1,000 for the iPhone X is a “value price” to pay for such a premium product, Tim Cook told viewers during an in-studio interview with Good Morning America today.

In the 10-minute interview, Cook defended the pricing of the next-generation iPhone, talked about his excitement over augmented reality, discussed Steve Jobs’ legacy at Apple, and touched on the ongoing political topic of “Dreamers” in the United States — referring to illegal immigrants who were brought into the U.S. as children.

The new iPhone

Cook’s addressing of the iPhone X pricing was in response to a question sent in by a viewer. He noted that the price tag reflects that the fact that Apple has built “more and more technologies” into the handset, and said that it was actually good value for the amount of tech users were getting. He also pointed out that, thanks to trade-ins and subsidies, most users would not wind up paying the full $1,000 price tag.

On the topic of augmented reality, Cook talked through a demo of AR being used to place chairs within the studio setting, and singled out education and shopping as two obvious applications of the technology.

“It’s a fantastic way to shop. It’s a fantastic way to learn,” he said. “We’re taking the complex and making it simple. We want everybody to be able to use AR.”

In addition, Cook discussed Apple’s privacy policy when it comes to Face ID, and said that users had no reason to be concerned at the possibility of Apple abusing gathered face data. This is something Apple has already been quizzed about by the likes of Democratic Senator Al Franken.

Dreamers and Steve Jobs

Cook got political when discussing Dreamers, and said that, “these folks came to the country when they were very young. These kids, if you talk to them, they deeply love this country. They have great jobs. They pay taxes. These guys are our neighbors. They’re our coworkers.”

Previously, he has spoken out in support of Dreamers, and noted that 250 are Apple employees.

Finally, Cook discussed Steve Jobs, and getting emotional at last week’s Apple keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Talking to Good Morning America, Cook claimed that he “could feel” Steve in the theater during the launch. He also opined about where Jobs fits into Apple’s thinking about future products.

“We don’t sit and think about, ‘What would Steve do?’ But, we think about the principles that Apple is based on,” he said. “A values-based company that is making insanely great products that are simple to use, where the technology takes the back seat, not the front seat.”

Source: ABC News