6 reasons why you should order an Apple Watch with LTE today


Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch 3 is faster too.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Series 3 is now available to pre-order ahead of its sales debut on September 22. If you move fast, you may still be able to claim one for launch day delivery.

But do you really need one? Maybe you already have a previous Apple Watch that’s still serving you well. Maybe you’ve never really seen the need for a smartwatch at all. Well, forget all that.

Here are 6 reasons why you should buy an Apple Watch with LTE today.

Series 3 is just as slim as its predecessors, and it has all the same great features introduced with last year’s refresh — including a brighter display, a bigger battery, and GPS connectivity. But it’s even more powerful under the hood.

Apple has packed in a faster dual-core S3 processor that makes watchOS and all your favorite apps even snappier, and an improved W2 wireless chip. It has also added an LTE modem, which makes Apple Watch even more useful.

Here are 7 reasons why this changes the game — and adds even more purpose to a smartwatch.

You can leave your iPhone at home

With its own LTE modem, Series 3 can connect to a cellular network. That means it no longer needs to be tethered to an iPhone over Bluetooth. You can leave your iPhone at home when you go grocery shopping or out for a meal, and you won’t miss a thing.

You’ll continue to receive notifications just as your normally would, and you’ll be able to reply to them there and then. You’ll also be able to use apps that require data without having to stare at a never-ending loading animation.

You can make calls

Series 3 won’t just let you receive and reply to notifications; it also allows you to make and receive calls. That means if the babysitter needs to get in touch or you decided to have a drink and need a cab, Apple Watch has you covered.

And because Apple Watch is tied to your iPhone’s wireless plan, it uses exactly the same phone number.

Apple Watch 3
Do all this and more without an iPhone.
Photo: Apple

You can enjoy 40 million songs on Apple Music

An Apple Watch with LTE can connect to Apple Music. That means that if you have a subscription, you also have 40 million songs on your wrist — and you don’t have to worry about syncing a playlist, or updating it when it gets old.

Simply connect a pair of wireless earbuds — such as AirPods — and you’re good to go. It makes Apple Watch even greater for fitness activities, when you don’t want a heavy iPhone in your pocket.

You can use Siri

Siri is another feature that continues to work as normal over LTE without a tethered iPhone. You can use it to fetch information, to reply to text messages and emails, to create calendar events and reminders, and to keep on top of the things that matter most to you.

What’s more, Siri is more intelligent on Series 3 devices, with the ability to talk back.

You can navigate

With LTE and Apple Maps on your wrist, it’s even more difficult to get lost in strange places. You can find coffee shops, bars, and other places nearby, and get turn-by-turn navigation to wherever you need to be — even with a dead iPhone battery.

Your friends can find you

If you use Find My Friends, the service will automatically display the location of your Watch when you’re away from your iPhone. That means your friends will still be able to find you when your iPhone is sat on your nightstand at home.

Apple Watch Series 3
Some days, you won’t need your iPhone at all.
Photo: Apple

And there’s more!

These are just the things you can do now that Apple Watch has LTE connectivity, but of course, all the things that made it a great device before are still present. It’s still the best activity tracker money can buy. It’s still swim-proof. It still has Mickey Mouse faces.

By adding LTE, then, Apple just gave Watch even more purpose. It’s no longer a secondary device that replicates functionality you already had on your iPhone. It can now replace your iPhone in many situations — and that’s huge.

Have you ordered yours yet?

  • JRA

    I’d be happy to own one, I like many of the features and benefits it could bring,but I just can’t get past the additional $10/month charge to use my data from my provider (currently T-Mobile). On one side, I understand the business case for the extra monthly charge. On the other side, if this is a device that essentially replaces my need to carry my phone at certain times, why do I have to pay extra to access data? It’s not as though I’d be using both (or all three with an iPad) at the same time, so I don’t see T-Mobile really losing anything.

    • Josh Sanfilippo

      I agree with you 100%. I’ve been waiting to buy an Apple Watch since Series 0’s release, and I finally feel like it’s worth it now. Series 3 is the product I’ve always wanted. But what’s not worth it is the $10/month (I have AT&T). I share 10GB/month with my whole family and we always have 2-4GB rolled over from the previous month, so having a watch pulling from that pot of data should be no issue. But an extra $120 a year is too much just to grant another device access to something we are already paying for.

      • igorsky

        I also agree, but did you think this was going to go any other way? Carriers aren’t going to give up an additional revenue stream.

      • Josh Sanfilippo

        I expected a charge, but honestly I didn’t expect it to be that high. $3 or $4 maybe. But $10?!

      • Bespin

        Or $120 per year for access not extra data

  • Ryan Irvine

    Apple Pay has never required a cellular connection the Watch, FYI. I used my series 2 at the grocery story when I forgot my my iPhone at home.

    Also, I’m almost 99% there is no FMiP app on watchOS. You can track your watch from your phone, but you can’t track your phone from your watch – you can just play sounds on your phone to locate it nearby.

    • KillianBell

      I will have to look into the Apple Pay thing. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it wouldn’t work.

      As for Find My iPhone, I must have misheard the Find My Friends thing during the keynote. I was trying to cover things at the same time! I have updated.


    • You were right about Apple Pay. We’ve deleted that section. Thanks!

  • Bespin

    RED DOT lol

    • igorsky

      “RED DOT lol”

      I don’t get it.

      • Bespin

        Series 3 RED DOT feature like Leica but not

  • MY.T

    How about international carriers support? Is there any plan for Apple to work with these carriers.

    • Greg_the_Rugger

      If you look at the spec page, you will find the list of carriers currently supporting the watch. Meanwhile, I’ll wait until next year when they do away with the silly $10 charge to access bandwidth you already paid for.

  • David Kaplan

    None of those reasons are the least bit appealing. Who doesn’t always have their phone on them? The only use case is after a ballgame or concert when your phone’s dead. You’re gonna pay $10/month for that anomaly?

    • kiljoy616

      I can see someone who does not need or want a full phone at all and paid for the watch to be their phone. But to have to pay more and get nothing in return from the carrier might as well just not even use it. The carrier need to get with the times so I wonder which one will be the first to bundle it all together watch and phone for the same price.

  • db839

    Nope. Cellular technology is not there yet to rely upon a watch to function as your phone consistently. How many times have you been in a store or restaurant and you cannot get a cellular signal? What about traveling through the countryside with no signal? The antenna on a iPhone is much larger than the antenna on iWatch 3 and still has issues with connections.
    LTE on iWatch 3 is a “nice to have” (or gimmick if you are cynical) but should not be the primary reason for your purchase.
    Disappointed Apple did not focus on dermal sensors and technology for glucose (and other) monitoring for this release. This would have dramatically increased sales for the company. The technology is almost there and Apple is the company that will push for this to happen. Some day.
    It should not always be about the money grab.

    • kiljoy616

      The issue is not LTE per say. Its more of how badly companies do not implement wifi in their business for their customers. Talking about you Costoc and others. But your right someday they will get this figured out and then it will be seamless no matter where you are even in the basement of a concrete building. Its possible now but badly implemented.

  • Jmackinknox

    But is it louder? I’ve never been able to talk without having to find a quiet place.

  • prestonjb

    Lg sport… Been doing everything listed on the apple watch since January

  • Bonedatt

    Samsung pay which works almost everywhere due to its use of MST and NFC technology is why I went with the GEAR S3 CLASSIC LTE. I’m one of those who constantly walk out the door without their wallet or phone and only realize it 10 miles out. So yes, I absolutely love my watch and I no longer dread forgetting my wallet or phone (which I still do forget). Anyway, I’m glad Apple finally added LTE to the Series 3.