Historical first? New iPhones fail to sell out


iPhone 8
Is yours on its way?
Photo: Apple

Note: This post, originally published at 2:44 a.m. Pacific, has been updated.

For the first time since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the company’s latest models failed to immediately sell out.

More than 12 hours after pre-orders opened this morning, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus remain generally available for pickup at Apple stores next Friday, the first day they go on sale to the public.

Typically, new iPhones sell out within minutes because demand far outstrips Apple’s ability to produce its latest devices in massive quantities. Is iPhone 8’s surprising availability a total Apple fail that shows nobody wants one? Or is it a sign of Cupertino’s mastery of the supply chain and production?

This is the first time a new iPhone model has succeeded in meeting consumers’ voracious demand. Typically, new models sell out in minutes after online pre-orders open a week before the devices hit stores.

Of course, the iPhone 8 is a special case. The phone isn’t a flagship model — that title is reserved for the iPhone X, launching in November. And because the 8 and 8 Plus resemble previous designs, it may be the first time Apple has made enough handsets to satisfy initial demand.

As in previous years, the Plus-size iPhone seems more difficult to get your hands on, with shipping times slipping to one-to-two weeks for some finishes and some carriers. But even they remain available now, depending on your carrier, if you’re not picky about color or storage size.

Not sure which model you want? Read our guide: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8: Should you wait longer and pay more? Our original post appears below.

The good news?

That means if you haven’t already pre-ordered your iPhone 8, or an Apple Watch Series 3, there’s still time to claim one for launch day delivery.

The continued availability make it look like Apple’s latest devices aren’t selling as quickly as their predecessors, with many size, finish and carrier options still showing September 22 delivery dates almost three hours after pre-orders opened. The same can be said for Apple TV 4K with 32GB of storage.

When Apple opens pre-orders for a new iPhone, you usually get mere minutes to claim one before shipping estimates start to slip. If you don’t get your order in by around 8:10, you might as well forget about receiving it within two weeks of its launch.

But that’s not the case with iPhone 8. Almost three hours after pre-orders opened, many models are still available to order with delivery on September 22. Here’s how things stand as I write this:

  • iPhone 8 64GB
    • Silver — delivers September 22
    • Gold — ships in 1-2 weeks
    • Space Gray — ships in 1-2 weeks
  • iPhone 8 256GB
    • Silver — delivers September 22
    • Gold — delivers September 22
    • Space Gray — delivers September 22
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
    • Silver — ships in 1-2 weeks
    • Gold — ships in 1-2 weeks
    • Space Gray — ships in 1-2 weeks
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
    • Silver — delivers September 22
    • Gold — ships in 1-2 weeks
    • Space Gray — ships in 1-2 weeks

Waiting for iPhone X

Of course, most Apple fans who stay up late to pre-order are keen to get their hands on the very best the company has to offer. That’s iPhone X, which isn’t available to pre-order until October 27.

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that iPhone 8 doesn’t look as popular as its predecessors, then. (A totally unscientific poll of Cult of Mac readers showed that a whopping 57 percent prefer an iPhone X to an iPhone 8.)

Apple Watch Series 3 availability

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch with LTE is selling faster than GPS-only models.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity appears to be selling faster than the GPS version of Apple’s wearable — or else initial supplies were smaller — with shipping times slipping on some options. However, many are still available to order for September 22 delivery.

There are obviously too many combinations of Apple Watch models, sizes, finishes and bands to list here. However, if you’re looking for a 38mm Apple Watch, you won’t have too much trouble getting one. Almost all options remain available for launch day. Some 42mm models appear to have sold out, with shipping in up to 3 weeks, but there are some available.

If you want the more affordable Series 3 with GPS connectivity only, you should be able to find one with September 22 delivery in either size relatively easily.

Not sure which one you want? Read our guide: Series 3 vs. Series 1: Which Apple Watch is right for you?

Apple TV 4K availability

As for Apple TV 4K, shipping has now slipped to 5-7 business days for the 64GB model. However, the more affordable 32GB model is still available for delivery on September 22.

Obviously these things change quickly, so by the time you’ve chosen the device you want, the shipping estimate may be different. But the times listed above were accurate when this post was published.

Leander Kahney contributed to this report.

  • Glenn Gore

    I ordered a Watch3-GPS/Cellular this morning and the ship date is Oct 6-13, so lead times are lengthening rapidly, already almost a month out from initial availability.

    • ciderrules

      I got a 42mm Stainless with LTE for Friday, but I ordered really early. Just checked and it’s now 3-4 weeks out. I think the Apple Watch 3 is going to sell like crazy considering the price drop and LTE models with 16GB.

  • Bespin

    No surprised its they are both way overpriced devices that only work in apple eco, X moreso. RED dots do not enhance anything.

    • Jeff

      uh… okay.

    • Stephen Ellerington

      One hour calling time ridiculous? That’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve read! I think the red dot looks cool.

      • Bespin

        Of course you do, it identifies you as that type

    • BruceW

      Hahaha umm what..?

  • iHead


  • Kool Kard

    This article is useless. Although it does point to the fact that most  fans are holding out for the iPhone X, it’s a waste our time to sit hear and read about how the demand for the 8 is down. This is like an oxymoron. You and I both clearly know this will be a different story when the preorder date for the X comes around. It’s going to sell out in the first hour without a doubt. The 8 is a waste and should have never been offered. Let’s get on with the show.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      I’m personally on the fence between the iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X. I have to play around with both of them for a little while before I make my final decision. I might actually wait a little bit until they ship to find out if there are any issues that I need to worry about, so I typically wait until the products have shipped and there’s enough in use.

  • Amanda Weaver

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  • JDS

    This article implies since the iPhone 8 didn’t sell out, Apple is doomed to failure. Um what? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8bc4c8a0cba7dc64dfa31bdf9dc13b6d780ccd4e5f445c3cfb7e240163ef7332.gif

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      It’s hard to determine anything at this point in time since this is the first time Apple’s released 3 flagship phones and one is delayed another month before people can order it.

      The only thing that matters is the combined sales of all three models, since the iPhone X will cannabalize a certain number of 8/8+’s which is to be expected.

      I’m wondering if the 6S/6S+ and 7/7+ will also do well in certain areas that are more price sensitive since they dropped the pricing of those models.

  • Bespin

    Apple fans , how much longer are you going to put up with this? At some point you will have to leave. Are you waiting for a 2000 phone? Are you waiting for ipad to be useful? Are you waiting for a new modular Mac pro at 10000, a watch that has more than one hour talk time, or perhaps Apple music to be the next Netflix

    Apple fans listen to me carefully …. won’t happen

    THIS is the time to cut bait , Apple did not earn your purchase . Just leave go buy a nice modern computer like a Surface and never look back and your iPhone dies buy what you like and that is NOT a not animoji phone because that device is stupid and over 1000..Android has great phones or wait for Microsoft one

    Sensible Mac users left long ago , this is the time for iPhone users to do the same its OK

    • RealNeal

      You’re an idiot troll. Go play on a Surface blog somewhere…

      • Bespin

        Not intending to be a troll simply giving information people can use.

        Let me ask you a serious question… Is apple fun anymore?
        I get in the 90’s, then in 1984 and in 2001 and 2007 people where thrilled with newness, its 2017 and where is the fun?

        I suspect its gone. Truth hurts but then you do something.

      • Laura Jones

        I don’t know if you are a troll or not, but I can tell you that I enjoy Apple products as much as I ever did. I ordered the iPhone 8 Plus because I’m not comfortable with the FaceID on the X. The fact that there are still iPhone 8s available says that other people don’t feel the same way that I do and they are waiting for the X.

      • Bespin

        Waiting for X is sort of silly as it’s a beta product and not going to be available in “Apple quantities” so you were wiser and invested in the 50 dollars more iPhone 8plus than the previous 7plus.

        I hope you enjoy your 8, if I were picking I would pick 8 over X that sees no real big improvements for 300 dollars. Even apple pundits say screen looks similar as the LCD screens Apple uses are top notch (pun intended).

        I think this indicates the end of the line for Smartphones 1.0. The real future will not look like today’s phones which are all at top end ridiculously priced for basic gimmicks.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Oh, you mean the Surface Phones? Well, we all know how badly Microsoft failed at their Windows phones. I think Microsoft’s getting ready to release the Surface phones which are supposed to be expensive, but I doubt the processors will be very fast compared to the A11 chip. People already responded against Windows phones by not buying them, even if they were cheap. Microsoft was late to the game and I doubt their Surface phones will do that well. It’s just emulation of Windows 10 on a Qualcomm chip. Kinda stupid if you ask me. HP has high priced Windows phones and they aren’t selling at all. I still have yet to see someone use them. Microsoft will probably just kick out some expensive phones, they won’t sell that well, and then maybe in a few years Microsoft will EOL them just like they did with Zune. Remember that failure? How many failures is that? Zune, Lumia phones, Surface RT. Heck, even Steven Sinofsky doesn’t use Windows anymore, he ditched Windows for Apple. He used to be the Head of Windows Division for Microsoft, in charge of the first gen Surface products. But he left that mess. He now uses Apple products by his own choice. Wah, wah, wah. The Truth hurts.

      • Bespin

        Next is Fluid Mobility……Move your experiences fluidly and securely,
        and extend them into your environment

        We all see what happens when Microsoft leaves a market, look at the latest 1000-1500 smartphone 1.0 phone flagships. I see other online never windows phone fans praying Microsoft makes another stab at it.

        Mobility of the experiences coming soon.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Fluid mobility? Yes, I experience that every single day. No, I think people don’t want Microsoft to come back, only a few Microsoft devotees that need that Microsoft label on the phone. It sure is embarrassing for Microsoft to not be able to own anymore markets. Their PC market share has been dwindling and it’s gotten embarrassing for Microsoft. Even Bill Gates doesn’t hold a position with Microsoft anymore, he got smart and left the Board of Directors completely. I guess it wasn’t fun for him anymore. Ballmer left, I guess it wasn’t fun for him anymore. Steven Sinofsky left, and he now uses Apple products as Microsoft wasn’t fun anymore.

      • Bespin

        You left out Satya Nadella and Panos Panay convenient as they are smartest men in tech. Not working on current tech that working on future tech for all of us. aka google apple’s worst nightmare ask ex ,mac users.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        They have sold out on the first allotment of some models of both the 8 and 8+ are being pushed back 1-2 weeks, so it depends on the model phone you are looking at. Not bad for the first weekend, especially when the X isn’t available for pre-order until next month.

      • Noel Joseph

        Show us on the doll where Apple hurt your feelings…

      • Bespin

        Apple did not hurt my feelings as you suggest. I’ve used products from all the major vendors, including Microsoft. Google Apple and Amazon. So I think I have good perspective as to what works and what does not.

        There exists a large subgroup of Apple users that never used anything but Apple products. I think some of them don’t realize the Apple’s falling behind. Raising prices by at least 300 dollars recently across their major product lines without the accompanying innovation to go along with that.

        The world is going to the cloud. I don’t know if people realize that but no matter how much Apple protect their devices and use secure enclaves in the I chips . That won’t change the fact that that doesn’t work at scale. So you’re gonna be caught spending lots of money on older technology paradigm.

      • Noel Joseph

        You are really just coming off as butt-hurt over Apple’s success, to be honest. Are you really that concerned with what other people use for electronics? I am an Apple fanboy (yeah, I can admit it), and do you know what phone I use daily for personal and business?

        The iPhone SE. I traded in my 6S solely for the smaller form factor. The iPhone 5 was their best design so far, in my opinion.

      • Bespin

        Back years ago, Apple launched a campaign on TV .. I’m a Mac.

        the entire premise of that ad campaign was to point out that Macs were better

        it’s currently 2017 and apple hasn’t released anything good since the iphone in 2007 you can say the ipad was an upgrade but it’s failing miserably also latest gadgets are overpriced garbage and you as apple users or paying way too much for what is much better on the outside world.

        So, in a way this is payback and if you Apple users are still clueless enough to spend 1000 on emoji phone and 3000 on back with a touch bar. More power to you.

      • Noel Joseph

        Sounds like you are a Microsoft cheerleader. The Surface is really just a very thin notebook with a detachable keyboard. I should know, I have a Surface Pro I take on business trips. Microsoft does not have a full ecosystem of products that interact seamlessly. No phones… Windows Mobile is dead, no stand alone streamers… Roku, Amazon Fire, an AppleTV own that market. No smart watch… Apple is the undisputed king, and now generates more revenue than Rolex in that category and just rose to number 1.

        It obviously offends you that people will pay for Apple products, regardless of the price. There is not one company that makes a group of products that work so seamlessly with each other. None… Microsoft’s only real stars are the Surface and the XBOX. They failed at everything else.

        When people finally realize their malware infested phones with an operating system owned by an ad company are just data mining devices, they will eventually come to Apple. HomePod will be a success too. It will sound great and play nice with everything else Apple has to offer. 800 billion market cap, they must be doing something right.

      • Bespin

        My Lumia 950 last night received build 1709. Which is the fall creator update.

        My phone integrates seamlessly with my surface pro 4 when I leave my surface pro 4 locks the machine based on where the phone is when I get in message .. messages pop up on the screen on my surface pro 4. I can respond to text from my surface pro 4 from my phone to anybody in messages.

        Microsoft is the worlds largest enterprise vendor out there and also the world’s largest security company. You mention Xbox well it’s currently has the most capable gaming console in the planet. Dual users appreciate the power and consistency.

        The only reason they not number one or two in mobile right now if they choose not to be. Soon, you will see mobile 2.0 and they will be two.

        What apple released this week was a joke and iterative and all they did was raise prices. My phone has most of the tech that the iPhone ex has and I paid under 300 for it. My camera. Close the iPhone X camera away without any gimmicks are all it has 20 mega pixel on a Carl Zeiss lens. And guess what my phone is 2 years old.

      • RealNeal

        I used Windows since the first version (and I used DOS before that). I was on the Windows NT beta team, and I taught Microsoft Certified Professional courses for years. I’ve used all of Microsoft’s products – servers and desktopsI – and I can tell you that switching to Mac/iOS was the best thing I ever did. NO viruses, beautiful ecosystem with handoff, iCloud sharing, etc. NEVER a crash. The best security. Unbeatable tech support. Beautifully made, long-lasting hardware. Windows is a bug-infested swamp in comparison. I still use Windows at work (although I do it through a Mac :). What we have to go through there is a joke. IBM had the right idea when they switched all their users to Macs and cut their tech support costs by 75%.

        Continue on in your dream world that Apple doesn’t make great products or have relevance. Sit back and watch as vendors scramble to copy the tech in the advanced FaceID system. Drool with jealousy when Apple continues to top the market in user satisfaction and brand loyalty. But don’t waste your breath here. There are plenty of forums for Microsoft fan-boys to waste your time on. Here, you’re just a troll.

      • Bespin

        Face ID had that in Hello for past two years and Hello beats identical twins LOL

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Hello? It’s not 3D facial recognition and does it work if you have sunglasses on? Apparently Apple’s uses IR and it can actually work with most sunglasses. There only some sunglasses that have a coating that it doesn’t work with, but it will work with most sunglasses.

        I’ve been reading on Microsoft’s support site and apparently, lots of people seem to be having problems with Hello, so it’s not as good as you THINK it is. How much is Microsoft paying you to try to convert Apple users?

        You are the sign of Microsoft desperation. When the Microsoft and Android trolls go to Apple sites trying to bully them into not buying Apple products when Apple announces a new product is a sign of DESPERATION.

        You are desperate, face it.

      • Bespin

        Helo works great and with sunglasses and is 3D and distinguishes identical twins too. Anything else you need me to correct you on?

        Trying to convert no, there still are 50000 AOL users that I’m fine with you may stay.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Yes, you are trying to convert people. You are not even willing to admit what you’re doing.

        When did they let you out of the mental hospital? You have a severe mental problems.

        Great, so Microsoft renames Intel technology. Typical Microsoft. Well, Apple developed their own technology because they design their own processors for their Devices so they just added the processor. See that’s the thing. Apple has control over the entire product as they develop their own silicon, OS, etc. so they don’t have to rely on other companies like Microsoft does.

      • Bespin

        Surface has the same level of control when you think of it in fact microsoft partners with intel (and Qualcomm) on a customized chip for Hololens that pushes teraflops a data as per secon apple doesn’t really have any advantage there in that’s only based on arm not intel chips.

        As for trying to convert you all have brains if you’re OK with a $300 price rise for touch bar ,red dots and animoji go for it.

      • Noel Joseph

        “Not number one or two in mobile”… did you really just type that? They never broke the 2% barrier in their heyday. The didn’t choose not to be in the mobile market, the mobile consumers didn’t choose them. Windows Mobile is dead in any form, period. You have to accept that.

        Even Windows 10 is now riddled with Microsoft data mining, which is why people are slow to accept it. It is on 28% of all computers, and frankly, it sucks.

        Your beloved Microsoft will have an ecosystem like Apple’s, and no one else will either. They shot themselves in the foot with that awful Surface tablet with RT and Windows 8. It was the laughing stock of the industry. They lost BILLIONS and will never recoup that, even with the much improved Surface line.

        You keep struggling with the fact that there will never be another Windows Phone again. Surface sales are down 26% from last year as well. That bald idiot Steve Ballmer crashed your dream of Microsoft domination into an iceberg years ago.

        Meanwhile, people are lining up to hurl bricks of cash at Apple. You must be the last person using a Windows Phone, because I have never seen one in the wild. How is that app store working out for you? You can probably download them all, since there are only like 12 left with actual support.

      • Bespin

        People are not lining up to buy Apple they are holding onto their expensive phones. as soon as Microsoft redefines mobile like they did laptops and AIO’s then people will bolt expensive apple. Mobile is ripe for a new thing.

      • LukeB33

        Oooh, you wanna talk about market share? How’s Windows Phone 0.3% doing for ya? And my company my got the surface studio free… it starts at $3500 and runs about as well as a 2012 iMac if I actually paid for it, I’d be severely pissed.

      • Bespin

        I’d rather talk about iPhones global market share going from 25% in 2013 to now only 12% near single digit ,as that IS Apple and very concerning.

        WP market share is not an issue fro MSFT, they will be back at Mobile 2.0 in a short while.

        Put an SSD in the Studio and it’ll fly , you can.

      • earnings

        OMG, it’s Satay Nadella himself. Holy Crap!

      • Bespin

        I wish I’d be rich

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        But you’re not rich. You are a Windows user. now please leave. You are just bullying, harassing people and for no good reason. Seriously you need to go.

      • Bespin

        If I’m “bullying or harassing” than I’m afraid using Apple products has warped your mind. You can’t get angry at the truth.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You are lying to people.

        IBM is switching to Macs away from PCs and I posted a video proving it.

        I also showed you an article of how people are actually lining up for the new iPhones. If you actually knew what you’re talking about many fo the new iPhones have sold out and they are pushing back delivery times for many of the new models. Some sold out within 3 hours.

        Bespin, you are a joke. You are delusional. Don’t be misled by market share numbers. Apple sells lots of products that actually make a profit, something the other companies can’t figure out how to do.

      • Bespin

        IBM switched to Macs wait for it ..a partnership and put out fluff about saving money sort of like the 1,000.000 to 1 chance of no false positives on Face ID (unless you have a twin LOL which is 3.3% likelihood).

        IBM and Apple are struggling in Enterprise so it makes sense they partner and use each other products.

        As for people lining up for iPhones, I don’t doubt that at all just fewer people. This launch is going struggle too many weird things people will wait “hopefully” for Apple to either wow them or lower prices.

        I don’t think this Apple can wow based on last five WWDCs. So lower pricing perhaps?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        The Surface Studio is a pile of garbage, they can’t even sell them anymore. It’ll be yanked from the product line up within 3 years if they can’t break even. That’s why Microsoft pulled the Zune. if a product doesn’t reach profitability within 3 years, they kind of yank it. Remember the Surface RT? That got pulled almost immediately, that was a pile of crap. Microsoft just keeps on pumping crap out, then they yank it, and then they come out with some other crap and it’s getting old. Microsoft just needs to give up and just make applications. They are getting hit on the server side by Linux.

      • P-Dog

        The surface studio is not only underpowered, but it is hideously expensive, far more so than any comparable iMac.

      • Bespin

        The surface studio is expensive that is like a huge 28″ 4.5 K pixlesense display.

        You know this if you made an ios device that was exactly the same you would be all over it. Pay even more than what Microsoft is charging for the device the main differences with the Microsoft one you get usable enterprise software important potts that work without dongles. Enterprise. users don’t have time for dongle stuff.

        One truth for creators for designers there is no better machine out there

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        No, I actually wouldn’t buy a 28in touch screen. It’s not ergonomically that desirable because you have to lean over to reach the top corners of the screen. People don’t like having to lean over to use a product. too big of arm movements. It gets tiring..

        It’s much better to have a 27inch screen and then convert an iPad that rests on the table and use it as a graphics tablet for a high end workstation. Then if you want to use the iPad mobile, then you just use it like a mobile device. It can be used as a graphics tablet, a control surface or a mobile device.

      • Bespin

        Gorilla arms? I thought we got over the toasterfridge slight by now. In the interest of Gorilla arms, what does that make ARKit? Did you see the tiring pointless game demo at the event?

        Seriously you bring up a good point Studio may not be the best for everyone especially if you are used to certain workflows. Other than that Studio is pretty sweet but I agree overpriced just like top end Mac Book Pros.

      • Bespin

        I’d much rather have your Surface Studio, then pony up Mac Book Pro to be honest with you at the same pricing if you look at the Mac book pro price is exactly the same as the surface and you know that iOS users. We all over 28 inch Pixelsense Display like that.

        Still have professional class desktop programs to run because it’s not running a mobile operating system.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        And take your Surface Studio around when you travel? Yeah, right. You are dumb. A Surface Studio is desktop, not a laptop.

      • Bespin

        Oh I’d have a Surface Pro also silly at much less cost than a Macbook Pro with touchbar.

      • Bespin

        Microsoft is on a 30 year plan and they started this back with OS/ 2 it’s called in NT everywhere and it takes a lot of different variations on products and starts and stops to get there you think windows 8 was just about operating system it was to get used to gaze and touch targets.

        Microsoft is playing the long game and they are number one or 2 in every industry they choose to compete in. Once the do mobile 2.0 expect a rise from #3 to #2.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        They aren’t #1 in mobile, that’s for sure. They’ve already done Mobile 2.0. Mobile 1.0 was CE. The only reason why Microsoft is number 1 in the desktop/laptop is because of IBM, and then all of the OEMs as they were flooding the market going after the Enterprise market. But that doesn’t mean it’s better.

        But in the recent years, Apple’s been getting lots of Enterprise business by selling iPhones, iPads and now Macs into the Enterprise market as more and more businesses are realizing the cost savings.

        As far as the server market, Linux is kicking Microsoft’s rear end.

        Microsoft’s problem with mobile is that stupid UI, it looks like a child created it with those squares and rectangles. It’s a dumb interface.

        Sorry, but Microsoft has more troubles getting business and they are still gouging Enterprise customers as they charge for Windows. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft starts to charge consumers for an ongoing fee to use Windows.

        Microsoft also got sued by the Federal Government for monopolistic business practices as they forced their OEMs to pay Microsoft a license fee even if they offered another OS, they forced the issue. Microsoft is a slimy company and you are proof of this.

        Just stop it. You are obvious that you use Microsoft products, but you are being a pain in the rear by coming here spouting lies, and misleading people, you are making the biggest fool of yourself.

      • Bespin

        That “stupid UI” found its way into Windows 10 which uses it in Mixed Reality and XBOX… I think it’s better to have larger gaze friendly targets for the next big thing.

        Why would Microsoft charge consumers for 10, that gives them access to the STORE… ya you know the one with the most 4K , AR and 360-degree video? Also the place to buy an app once and run it on ten devices?

        Linux does well in Azure that’s why Microsoft is a Platinum Partner of the LinuxFoundation and contributes the most code to git hub

        Microsoft did get sued, served their decade of restraint and now are back (that restraint artificially gave rise to both Apple and Google) now that restrictions are off well you see the results, they were busy little beavers building the cloud out.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        But Apple doesn’t go after the sub-$300 market which is where the majority of people that live in poverty buy. Apple owns the upper end smartphone market. And Apple’s one of the few that turn a profit, most of the Android OEMs don’t make any profit to speak of. Even Microsoft couldn’t turn a profit from their failed Windows phone product line.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        The problem with looking at Market share is you ignore the fact that most of the phones sold with Android are low priced phones that make no profit. The average selling price for an Android phone keeps falling and it’s down to $200. Apple’s average selling price hovers around $600 to $700, and Apple’s selling over 200 Million phones per year. So as long as Apple makes a decent profit margin and they can maintain a decent level of sales, they aren’t going to do any massive layoffs like you think. You just simply don’t understand Apple, at all.

        They’ve maintained a 20% Net Profit margin for about 15 years now. Microsoft hasn’t been able to maintain a steady 20% Net Profit margin, they’ve slipped a few times that did result in layoffs and Microsoft just did another round of layoffs of Azure employees.

        Now, the Global PC sales doesn’t include iPads, if they did include tablets, then Apple would be the Number #1 PC mfg. They should include tablets in the PC sales since iPads and other tablets are taking the place of PCs for some people.

        Either way, the world can have multiple companies making money selling products. It’s not about one company winning and another losing. That’s immature to think that way. Apple maintains their profit structure and they sell lots of products to loyal customers and they don’t even go after market share by selling ultra cheap products that aren’t profitable. If I wanted to run Windows 10 on my Mac, I can do that, but I have absolutely no need to do that. There’s no software I want to use that only runs on Windows 10.

        Seriously, go to a Microsoft centric site and enjoy being amongst your own kind, but you’re constantly making false, misleading and downright slanderous statements and you need to stop.

      • Bespin

        Heres the problem. Apple painted themselves into not having a NEW COOL THING that they could increment. Their most popular thing is now past ten years old and everything is tied to that ten-year-old thing success.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Apple rakes in more profit than Microsoft and all of their OEM PC mfg. combined. None of these PC mfgs. know how to make a profit. They are all holding on by a thin thread and they all make 5% Net Profit or LESS. Face it, none of the PC mfg. know how to make a profit. HP has to lay off another 3,000 to 4,000 people. Lenovo has is wondering if buying Motorola was a great idea. Dell is STILL privately held afraid of going public because they don’t want to show their embarrassing financial statements.

        Apple Watches? I see those all of the time. Where do you live?

      • Bespin

        Of the PC makers growing in devices in 2017, none of them are named Apple.

        Speaking of laying off employees apple has a lot of employees in stores I think they have 65,000 and if I phone 8/X does not succeed be layoffs at apple too.

      • P-Dog

        That is an absolute lie and you know that. Out of the major computer manufacturers, the only one to have growth in the desktop and laptop market (bucking the downward trend of the entire segment) is Apple.

      • Bespin

        Not true you can look it up HP and Dell and others or killing it. Apple press may not post those results.

      • John

        Who cares about MS garbage? If you say Apple is out dated then what is Windows? It’s a steaming pile of sh**. I used to be a Windows user until I tried Apple. Never again will I use MS trash again.

      • Bespin

        You will as apple is out of ideas and no real cloud, best ios apps are Microsoft ones.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        out of ideas? They’ve got plenty of ideas, they just want to fully develop them before they put buggy crap on the market. All the Microsoft Hello is is Intel technology with a camera from Microsoft. Hardly Microsoft’s doing. At least Apple developed their own silicon, sensors, etc. Something Microsoft could NEVER do.

      • Bespin

        Own silicon… see Microsoft Brainwave. Pushes 90 Teraflops.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        WOW, you still use a Lumia phone, You must be a glutton for punishment. Hardly any mobile apps for it.

        Largest security company? Huh? Microsoft the world’s largest enterprise vendor? But Microsoft’s losing business in the enterprise market unless they pay people to use their products. yeah, they brainwashed the corporate crowd with IBM’s help, but IBM has been deploying Apple products and they had well over 200,000 Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, and Macs) as of the end of last year. I’m sure that number has grown drastically since. IBM supports Apple into the Enterprise and IBM’s VERY influential amongst the large enterprise and government markets. The only thing Microsoft sells is software licenses, they really don’t sell much hardware to the Enterprise market.

        Microsoft has been losing market share to both Apple and Android platforms. Large enterprise customers like IBM, Cisco, SAP, GE and a variety of others have been deploying IPHones, iPads, and Macs whether you like it or not. IBM prefers Macs because they actually cost less money to deploy, support and maintain than Windows laptops do. They ran through the cost analysis and IBM was shocked at how much they are saving with Macs vs a lower priced PC. PCs just cost too much for enterprise customers to deploy and support if you use best practices approach to running an IT department.

      • Bespin

        Microsoft Overtakes Salesforce as the SaaS Market Leader seems to negate all the above. Microsoft secures more Enterprises and defends more endpoints than anyone by far.

        IBM/Apple are two corporate dinosaurs, got cloud ?

        IBM does but its not that great.

        200,000 Apple devices LOL at enterprise scales. That’s a single OMS rollout.

        AS for my Lumia I have about 250 apps and use roughly 25 day to day, Instagram justy did their biggest update as did Spotify

      • P-Dog

        “My Lumia 950 last night received…”

        Ha ha ha! You lost any credibility right there as the viewers at home ROTFL. Did your brown Zune also receive a “fall creator update”, or did it fall onto the floor, necessitating a sorely-needed music player update? I hear there is an update for Windows Vista as well.

        I shouldn’t feed idiosyncratic trolls, but I just couldn’t resist this one.

      • Bespin

        No instead of Zune, although there is still some zune software in Windows 10? What I do is I put allmy MP3s in the OneDrive music folder and Let Groove automatically intelligently create me an ai playlist out of that. In addition to that I signed up for the larger music catalog up Groove compared to Apple and Spotify that have millions of less songs available.

      • P-Dog

        Huh? I cannot tell if that blather is undecipherable because of the pure nonsense of its content, or because of your poor grammar and spelling. You began with a sentence fragment. Maybe you should use one of Microsoft’s grammar and spell checkers, if you don’t have to pay extra money for that functionality, as Office products always demanded for second and third language capabilities.

      • Bespin

        Forgive me, I’m on a 5 mile walk in the wind. Using voice dictation.

      • P-Dog

        Ha ha ha, that’s BS. Wind does not explain run on or fragmented sentences – or pure nonsense. A pair of AirPods or BeatsX earbuds would fix the former issue, but would do nothing about the latter problem.

      • Bespin

        Airpods are ugly dont work in tall building areas and Beats are terrible. See Microsoft buys companies like linked or a killer app such as Minecraft Mojang. Swift key and sunrise calendar to allow iPhone users to seamlessly used 10 in the new update . They also invest heavily in a bunch of Israeli cybersecurity threat anaylitic companies.

        Apple buys beats.

      • P-Dog

        Apple’s purchase of Beats has them laughing all the way to the bank. But I digress. Your hard-to-decipher messages and the impenetrable throngs of customers at the Microsoft stores have convinced me of the error of my ways.

      • Bespin

        Good enjoy your new Microsoft or oem product.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        WOW. Groove? More tracks than Apple and Spotify? Um. Not in the US it doesn’t. It only has 18 Million tracks. Apple has over 40 Million and they are adding tracks daily. Spotify has over 30 Million tracks and are adding tracks daily. So, you are wrong in saying that Microsoft Groove has more tracks. Not in the US.

        Sorry, but you are misleading people. Typical of Microsoft and their schills. How much is Microsoft paying you?

      • Bespin

        All I can say is that Apple fans don’t like to talk about global because it’s embarrassing that IPhone can only has a 12% saturation rate, and when you look at globally on music Groove has million some more songs.

        Not only that, but OneDrive does not require you to keep your music and so you can take the music off of your 32GB phone. Leave it in OneDrive and then have Groove automatically create AI play lists out of it for free. For those without much extra money. Which after an iPhone purchase most of you?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You make no sense. doesn’t work at scale? What do you mean by that? I don’t think you even know what you’re talking about. You must have learned a couple of buzz words, but don’t actually know the meaning of them.

        Amazon? They are a computer mfg.? Really? I’d NEVER even consider Amazon as a computer company. Google? Hahahahaha. Those guys are clowns, they just make money selling ads and ad clicks, nothing more than a well marketed internet search engine. Microsoft isn’t much of a computer mfg. either. They have very little experience and most of their computers simply aren’t selling that well, and they flopped making Windows phones where they had to pull them off the market.

      • Bespin

        Local processing is great to a point.. then you take advantage of scaled workloads..for instance the demoed on stage translating the 5000000 articles which if stacked would reach over a half mile in the sky translation.

        The translated Wikipedia from Russian to English in 0.89 seconds over 20 times faster than the Moore’s law barrier.

        Microsoft made the custom servers to do that, not good at HW? C’mon.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Is Apple fun anymore? Yup. I still enjoy watching their product announcements. I may not buy what new products they have, but I still enjoy watching what they come out with.

        I used to sell PCs and Macs to the Corporate world back in the 80’s, 90’s and PC’s got boring after a while. The PC mfg don’t know how to turn a decent profit and most of them have one foot dangling in their own grave. HP Inc. is getting ready for yet another round of layoffs and I think this time they are laying off 3,000 to 4,000 employees. Pretty sad. Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell are all barely hanging on by a thin thread of profits. I’m surprised Acer is still in business.

        To say that Windows computers are fun? Hahahahahhaha. I’ve tried them, I thought they sucked. Really bad user interface, as usual.

      • Bespin

        “Yup. I still enjoy watching their product announcements. ‘

        I rest my point. I do to see how far behind they are or how much they puff up things. One more thing…animoji roll eyes

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        But your information isn’t very specific, just vague nonsense.

        The fun is watching people like you become so desperate that you’d troll Apple centric sites spouting nonsense. That’s what’s fun.

        Can’t you tell, the media is all over anything Apple does, and when Microsoft makes a product announcement, it dies off VERY quickly. Not many people are really that interested in Microsoft products. They just keep on buying them because they don’t know any better, some get a clue and switch to Apple when their employer allows it.

      • Bespin

        Microsoft has permanence in your life you use their products , Apple can easily be omitted and forgotten. If you look at past five years of products more are choosing that. Not much to keep you spending more ans as your friends switch those blue bubbles gat less and less.

        Ask yourself when was the last time Apple was fun, rather than simply what you have done?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You are bordering on making threats to others. Seriously, you have a psychological problem and you need to stop posting and to seek professional help through a trained psychotherapist or maybe even a psychiatrist.

        Ask yourself when you are you going to leave.

        When was the last time Apple was fun? Every day I use their products. Every time I use Microsoft products I get stressed out because the UI is awful and they aren’t easy to use. That’s why I ditched Microsoft, and won’t go back. Sorry, but you all of the fancy do dads doesn’t mean it’s better. Microsoft simply doesn’t understand the concept of easy to use. Microsoft makes things more complicated and makes one’s user experience suck and for you to come here and say what you’re saying? You are a mentally disturbed person.

      • Bespin

        I never threaten anybody .I have give an opinion in this thread about the lack of innovation from apple in the latest release.

        Give me a break or an animoji feature and or red dots innovation. Apple in 2017 is overpriced and not fun anymore and that’s why many people leave so if you can’t deal with that truth then I don’t know what to do other than say good luck with your apple devices enjoy your 300 dollar price hike

      • P-Dog

        We really should stop feeding obsessive trolls. It’s fun, but I don’t have 14 years of my life to waste on it, as I did using and selling windoze computers until I started to hate technology itself.

      • Igor Leskovar

        here are some informations You can use:
        -Macbooks are selling well
        -Microsoft hardware is not sellin so well
        -Customer satisfaction is much higher on Apple side comparing this two companies.

        Giving information and spreading lies are two differrent things

      • Bespin

        Selling well and passion about the product are two different things. You have to consider Apple went four years between Mac Book Pro updates. So of course they sell and to make up the sales volume they raised prices and added useless touch bar. Plus gave you four not much need USBc I prefer A as I have stuff for it, ports and made you buy dongles. OSX itself is not as magical no setup videos etc

        Inertia is what hides the decline in fun/passion. Boils down to Apple is not fun it’s simply ” just what you have done” and they hide that by rising prices so fewer users can feel good about their profits on forums like this.

        In the end, its what makes you feel good if a 2500 touch bar Mac or a 1500 iPhone X whose main feature is Animoji makes you feel good then keep on giving apple money so you can crow about Apple products.

        AOL still in 2017 has 50.000 paying subscribers. So you will have some company.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      The Surface? That’s a joke. You are a desperate person. Microsoft’s not getting that many switchers as you think they are. Some have left, but some have also gone back to the Mac because Windows 10 sucks.

      • Bespin

        Surface a joke ? Well it seem to have affected Mac happiness. If anyone leave windows 10 “tin hats” they usually try some obscure Linux distro not OSX

    • Tan Nguyen


      • Bespin

        Have you even watched YouTube reactions yet? This is not looking great.

  • Bespin

    Surface made up any losses.

    The real power of Surface (which btw is literal for the future) is it IMPROVED the quality of products from OEMs that were a bit lost. It gave them hope in the PC and opened up brand new areas to compete in (2 in 1’s, Whiteboards, AiO) along with existing areas such as laptops.

    Surface is why there are less Mac users and less happy Mac users, as Macs are no longer seen as best, especially if you price things out.

    Surface in the future is setting up ambient computing where surfaces are your interface.. so its a work in progress.

    • earnings

      Bespin, you’re a paid Indian troll. Give. It. Up.

      • Bespin

        Give what up? Apple has not had a major hit since 2007..its 2017 and in their biggest monument they had their biggest flub and least exciting launch ever.

        Think about that for a moment… This was their chance to wow everyone and they failed to do so on their most important product that every other thing they do is tied to.

        Are they going to issue another apology? This is getting old.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        The 6/6+’s are so far the reigning champs in terms of sales of a smartphone model. They sold over 220 Million of them, combined sales. Since Apple’s still selling the 6S/6S+ and other models, we have to wait until they reach EOL to determine if any of those will outsell the 6/6+’s. They still own more than 50% of the market of phones sold in the $600+ price range.

        Yeah, their MacBookPro still sell quite well. They certainly sell better than anything with Microsoft’s name on it. The Surface products aren’t selling that well. They have to pay people to use them.

      • Bespin

        They do not pay people to use Surface silly. Has apple warped your mind?

        6 was a good seller due to “big catch up” but is flawed as it bends , the fact people are keeping a flawed phone indicates the new ones don’t speak to them

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        They still hold the best selling smartphone models. They top the list. They just don’t sell smartphones below $300 that don’t make any profit.

        The 6/6+ which Apple doesn’t sell anymore, hit 220 Million units. The 6S/6S+ is still being sold, so we don’t know what the final numbers are. But I’m sure they’ll reach that number or maybe higher.

      • Bespin

        Apple fans tend to get starved on things like for instance, on the 6 the big phone was the big thing and did the Supercycle stuff. At over 1000 dollars. The an animoji stuff isn’t running going to cut it in fact, if you spec out a new I phone X. The way you want it. You’re looking at 1400 dollars. At some point prices just get too high and it’s not fun anymore. Even with cartoon animated characters that make your face into whenever you need to show you spent 1400 dollars on iphone.

  • Cantime77

    Unless the face ID is a flop iPhone 8 is hardly an upgrade.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      It depends on what you’re upgrading from. It’s can do 4K@60fps, the processor is MUCH faster than previous processors. It’s got Bluetooth 5.0, the cameras are better. I personally am considering either the 8+ or X, but I want to play around with them first before I make my final decision.

  • sedidome

    This article has several incorrect facts and misleading statements:

    – The article says that the iPhone 8 isn’t sold out, yet several models have delayed shipping times–suggesting that those models are indeed sold out of their initial stock.
    – The authors wonder if Apple is mismanaging inventory. If many of the iPhone models are delayed 1-2 weeks, it sounds like they have it predicted fairly close.
    – The article says this may be the first time a new model iPhone hasn’t sold out, but that isn’t the case. There were some specific colors and carriers in previous years that were never sold out. Additionally, remember that the original iPhone didn’t sell out, probably causing Apple to lower the price shortly after it was released.

  • TrueNorth_Steve✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    the article has also left out the fact – that many might be waiting for the iPhone X
    i am ..
    not to mention – 1 to 2 weeks wait times means it has sold incredibly well -as well Apple might have upgraded their manufacturing plants – seriously, article is flawed

  • maximus

    You are lying to people.IBM is switching to Macs away from PCs and I posted a video proving it.I also showed you an article of how people are actually lining up for the new iPhones. If you actually knew what you’re talking about many fo the new iPhones have sold out and they are pushing back delivery times for many of the new models. Some sold out within 3 hours.Bespin, you are a joke. You are delusional. Don’t be misled by market share numbers. Apple sells lots of products that actually make a profit, something the other companies can’t figure out how to do.

  • Killian: Your Samsung bias is really showing badly in this article. Whether a product “sells out quickly” or not is ZERO indication of number of sales or the availability of the product! You immediately jump to the conclusion that there is a problem when you know nothing of the sort. If Apple has plenty of units already manufactured and imported, they could sell millions of the new iPhone 8 and 8+ and “not sell out.” Could it be that Apple has managed their production lines well so that no one has to wait?

    I really detest this “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” standard that is always applied to Apple. If they had sold out quickly, the headlines would read “Apple fails to make enough phones to meet demand. Pundits are concerned about Apple’s manufacturing capabilities.”

    • Bespin

      Apple brings all this on themselves… and you all here that continue to buy Apple are to blame. I used to be an Apple user (shocking) when was that? When iPod was out it was a great product. I did not care for 500 iPhone or more importantly super high DATA plans.

      So I waited and finally once DATA plans became reasonable it was a no brainer to add a Smartphone so I saw a package and bough a Lumia 520 for 39 dollars.. I got value and loved that phone… bought two more now own a Lumia 950 that has most of what the X has without GIMMICKS. This 1600 phone better make me dinner for heavens sakes not be similar to my 950 with a much worse camera.

      Best thing you can do is reject this overpriced iterative stuff and force them to give you what you really want at a price you want…I know that’s a newsflash but have some common sense for once. Apple is not fun anymore.

      My last Apple purchase was an iPad3 with pink “smart cover” gave it to my wife… she never used it apart from very rare occasions. That was a total waste and why I left Apple.

  • JC

    Apple has been testing consumer’s patience for years by spending their brand equity to introduce products that are designed to delight shareholders instead of consumers. It’s a model that can’t be substained in my opinion.

    I do not understand why people feel the need to defend Apple even when it fails. While the technology behind Face ID may not have failed, the demonstration of it did and is reflective of a product, the iPhone X, that is not ready for release.

    Was the market telling Apple that using one’s thumb to unlock their phone was not the right solution? Were consumers clamoring for Apple to introduce technology that would replace Touch ID? No. Rather, Apple was unable to integrate Touch ID into the Iphone X design in time to meet their annual announcement and release dates. Apple can’t miss those dates if it intends to stay above the market caps of companies traditionally reserved for big oil.

    Prior Steve Jobs passing, he famously vowed to go “themonuclear” if necessary to “destroy” Google’s Android, which he viewed as a stolen product. When Tim Cook to over, he inhertited possibly the world’s most difficult position to fill. Tim Cook could not take those kind of risks, no one could. He had no choice but to make sure the wheels did not come off. He’s succeeded in growing Apple’s revenues, profitibility, and value – but it should be no surprise that innovation was a tradeoff. Cook is spending some of the well-earned brand equity Apple earned under Jobs at the expense of innovation – which goes hand-in-hand with risk. The iPhone X, along with the iPhone 8, is evidence of this. The iPhone X is a WIN for Apple regardless of Face ID’s success.

    The iPhone 8 ensures Apple continues to hit its market numbers by offering a product that offers incremental updates to an already great offering. Couple this safe iPhone 8 with the somewhat innovative iPhone X and Apple is in a great position market-wise. A new iPhone “number” to satisfy the majority with the latest iPhone and an answer to critics who challenge Apple’s ability to innovate with it’s X offering. Plus – Apple can test price elasticity with the $1k price tag.

    Apple is a much different company in 2017 than it was in 2007 – it has shifted from a company of product innovation to one of profit optimization. There is nothing terribly wrong with this, but unless you own Apple stock defending Apple as a leader in innovation does not make much sense.