You can no longer browse the App Store inside iTunes


iTunes App Store
The App Store is back in iTunes 12.6.3.
Photo: Cult of Mac
  • CG

    The current version of iTunes syncs and does backups just fine with iOS 11 GM, so I’m not clear on exactly what compatibility 12.7 brings.

    I’ll be holding off on 12.7 until I find out whether there is any way to backup the apps .ipa file – to protect against, at a minimum, a bad update of an app.

    • John George Bauer-Buis

      I was updated silently in the background when I launched iTunes, so I don’t have that freedom. I’m rather annoyed at this situation.

  • Linda Lawson

    I’m rather annoyed and disappointed that that App Store is now missing from iTunes as I prefer to browse the store via my desktop. I use an iPad rather than an iPhone and I suspect other users of iPads may find this similarly aggravating whereas those that use iOS on their iPhones may welcome this move as they’re possibly more likely to consume music and media than apps/games on their device.