iPhone X may be Apple’s most pool-friendly phone yet


Galaxy Note 7 water wet
Samsung already offers impressive waterproofing capabilities.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

We know a whole lot about Apple’s new iPhone X handset due to various leaks. One thing we haven’t heard up until now, however, is how waterproof Apple’s new flagship device will prove to be.

While there’s still no definite confirmation, a new patent application granted to Apple in Taiwan suggests that Apple’s new iPhone may have waterproofing to match its Samsung marketplace rival, the Galaxy S8.

The patent application makes clear that Apple plans to build a device that extends far beyond the current splash proof iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which is considered safe for immersion in water up to one meter. The patent application describes a liquid-tight device that forms a, “seal that conform to Rating and International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) 60529 that can also be known as the IP68 rating.”

The International Protection Marking 68 rating refers to a device which is not only completely dust-proof, but also allows for immersion in water to more than 1 meter in depth.

No guarantee

There is, of course, no guarantee that the filing of a patent application is a guarantee that Apple is ready to ship an IP68 iPhone, but the timing — coming one day before Apple’s media event to show off its new handsets — is certainly interesting. As noted, IP68 waterproofing is something that Samsung already offers with its high-end devices, so it makes sense that Apple wants to offer it as well.

It’s not the first time this rumor has circulated regarding the iPhone X, either. Right at the start of this year, a report claimed that Apple’s next-gen flagship device would, “feature the IP68 rating protection as part of drastic upgrades marking the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year.” This report cited a source in Apple’s supply chain.

How much of a selling point would a truly waterproof iPhone be for you? Leave your comments below.

Via: Patently Apple

  • Jay

    Was it true that on paper the Samsungs had better water resistance than the iPhones but in real world tests the iPhones performed better in most if not all tests?

    • Adam Harris

      I seriously doubt it. I dropped my iPhone 7 Plus in the pool for a few seconds after owning it for only a week which ruined the front camera and display. Took it back to the Apple Store, and they made me pay $99 for a replacement.

      • Organ Donor

        A few seconds would probably land the phone at the bottom of the pool, even at 8 foot depth…so it sounds like your phone went past the designated maximum depth. that sucks :(

      • Adam Harris

        Except I dropped it by the steps in 3 feet deep water. Almost made it to the second step when I grabbed it. It was not deep water, and it was in it for no more than just a few seconds.

    • HeatFan786

      Does it really matter though? Just get the phone you like, not the one that does the best in tests if it is not your first preference.

      • Jay

        To me it doesn’t matter but to the Android users that are all about paper specs it does.. and there are a lot of them..

      • HeatFan786

        Both sides have paper specs. People love to sell a side more to justify their position and choices. iOS’ “security” is often over hyped. Same with the A10 processor when the 7+ lags every so often.

      • Jay

        That’s true but I bring this up to point out that in paper specs Android phones usually look a lot better. But in real world use the iPhone is usually better.

    • ParanoidAirbag

      That was sometimes true with the S7, but the S8 outperforms on paper and in real life.

      • Jay

        As it should being the newest device.. lets see how the new iPhones stack up.

  • Bespin

    I fell in my pond with my 640 years ago for 20 seconds to climb out.. was bone dry inside and not waterproof labeled toweled off worked… total cost? 29 dollars