Alleged 'working' iPhone 8 appears in sketchy video

Alleged ‘working’ iPhone 8 appears in sketchy video


Sleuths discover an iPhone 8 icon in HomePod firmware.
Is this our first look at a real iPhone 8?
Image: Apple

The first working iPhone 8 unit has apparently been captured on film just one week ahead of its official debut. The incredibly short and sketchy video shows what looks like a handset with an edge-to-edge screen running a new version of iOS.

Thanks to a growing list of leaks — some of which came from Apple itself — we already know what the iPhone 8 will look like. Now, just a week before its official unveiling, we may have footage of a working handset out in the wild.

A short video posted on Reddit shows what looks like a next-generation Apple handset running a new version of iOS with a redesigned dock — similar to that on the iPad Pro in iOS 11. It features the edge-to-edge display with “notch” that we’ve been expecting.

There’s no sign of any virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen, but the status bar has been split to accommodate the new display, with time appearing on the left side, and status indicators for things like cellular signal, Wi-Fi, and battery life on the right.

Much of the video is blurred to hide the social media profile that’s shown, and it has been filmed in the dark. This makes the whole thing incredibly sketchy, and suggests it’s likely a fake, rather than a real, working iPhone 8.

Whatever the case may be, this is what we expect a working iPhone 8 to look like. We’ll find out for certain on September 12 when Apple makes its next-generation iPhone lineup official.