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Here’s how much the three tiers of iPhone 8 will cost


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Apple is set to show off its new, eagerly anticipated iPhone 8 for the first time next week — and according to renowned Apple leaker and tipster Benjamin Geskin, it won’t be cheap.

Geskin has posted the prices for the new handset on Twitter, which he reportedly heard from a friend with knowledge of Apple’s plans. Here’s how much Geskin thinks we’ll be shelling out for the new devices:

Prepare your wallets

For the bottom tier 64 GB option, Geskin suggests the price will be $999. From there, it will jump to $1,099 for a 256 GB model, while the top end iPhone will max out at $1,199 for 512 GB. These configurations offer twice the amount of storage at the respective tiers as the current iPhone 7.

In addition, Apple will be releasing slight upgrades to its existing handsets in the form of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s. These are likely to be similarly priced to the existing handsets, but offering improved internals.

We first heard that the new iPhone 8 would be around twice as much as the current generation iPhone 7 earlier this year. The new premium price tag reflects the new top-of-the-line components Apple is employing, such as OLED displays and 3D sensing camera, as well as the fact that the strong U.S. dollar has made these components comparatively more expensive.

For all the details concerning Apple’s next generation iPhone 8, check out our preview here.

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Source: Twitter