Eliminate tangled cords with this gadget organizer [Review]


cord and gadget organizer
The BUBM case corrals the little things in your everyday tech carry.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Best List: BUBM gadget and cord organizer by ATailorBird

Pulling your charging cord from your shoulder bag or backpack can resemble that gag where you think you’re opening a can of peanuts and get surprised by springy snakes. Your bag’s other contents can catch on your cords and fly out.

The BUBM cord and gadget organizing case offers just one surprise. The mundane task of organizing your cords and other small accessories turns out to be fun and satisfying.

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The case comes in three sizes and resembles a dopp kit. This is fitting, since the handy case helps its carrier achieve good cord hygiene.

BUBM cord and gadget organizer clears the clutter

cord and gadget organizer
The large compartment can be customized to hold two camera battery chargers, cords and a few small gadgets.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Gadget organizers are a growing specialty in the tech carry space, with a number of companies offering affordable cases to clear your clutter. The more our lives integrate with electronic technology, the more cords, batteries, thumb drives, etc., we end up carrying around – and digging for in the various pockets on bags and backpacks.

The BUBM case offers two zippered compartments, including one you can customize for your specific carry. In one arrangement, I secured two camera battery chargers and cords with room to spare for some a few small accessories.

I then rearranged the padded Velcro dividers to accommodate my MacBook Pro’s rather unruly two-piece charging cord. On the opposite side, a larger zipper compartment can accomodate a small notebook, pens or just about anything.

There’s more than one way to organize cables

cord and gadget organizer
The large compartment rearranged to hold my MackBook Pro power cord.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The thinner, front compartment has a series of mesh pockets that include elastic banding to secure items in place. The pictures posted with this story should give any tech or creative professional who carries their tools on their commute ideas on how the BUBM can help them smartly carry the smaller necessities.

The dimensions of the three sizes in inches are 9.4 x 6.9 x 3.1 for the small; 9 x 6.5 x 4 for the medium; and 10.5 x 8 x 4.3 for the large. The case is made with a sturdy, water-resistant material that is grayish-blue.

ATailorBird, the new company that makes the case, sent me the small version, which is a perfect size for a backpack and some messenger bags. (I have a messenger bag with a thinner profile that requires me to tightly edit my carry. The BUBM doesn’t fit well in this bag, but wouldn’t be a problem in roomier shoulder bags.)

’Be Unique,’ but most of all be neat

cord and gadget organizer
The BUBM case packed and ready to pack.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

BUBM stands for Be Unique Be Myself. The acronym serves as both a patch on the front panel and a design on the zipper pulls. I suspect the messaging is geared toward millennials. (This was my one gripe with this case.)

The item itself is enough to support one’s uniqueness and the “you-do-you” message degrades slightly from the case’s cool.

I like this gadget organizer and it would allow me to replace two smaller zipper pouches I use to help me locate the smaller items in my tech bag.

It’s not just for the uptight control freak who has to have everything just so.

I’m far from that. But watching my wife do a purse dump just to find something (I bear witness to this at least once a week), I appreciate having my stuff in a space where I can find it.

Where to buy: Amazon small; medium; and large.

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