iPhone leak adds another piece to wireless charging puzzle


iPhone wireless charging
iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, or something else entirely?
Photo: Weibo

Yet another supposed next-generation iPhone component has leaked out early, adding another piece to the wireless charging puzzle.

This time, it’s another circular circuit board — but it doesn’t quite line up with previous iPhone 8 leaks.

iPhone 8 won’t deliver the long-range wireless charging that some rumors promised — that obviously isn’t ready yet. But it will charge wirelessly using the Qi standard many of its Android-powered rivals have been employing for years.

That means you will need a wireless charging pad on your desk or by your bed, but it will be significantly more convenient than plugging in a cable.

In recent months, we’ve seen a number of apparent wireless charging components for iPhone 8, including the coil that receives power from the charging pad. We’ve also seen images of a supposed circuit board — and now there’s more.

The photo above surfaced on Weibo, and it claimed to be a wireless charging component for iPhone 8. The only problem is, it doesn’t look like the circuit board we saw before. This one is a different shape, and it has a large hole in its center that the previous one didn’t have.

But we might have an explanation for that. It could be that this component is for iPhone 7s, which is also expected to offer wireless charging. The hole in its center could be where the rear-facing Touch ID scanner will be situated.

Some rumors have claimed iPhone 8 won’t have Touch ID at all, and will instead use advanced facial recognition for security and Apple Pay.

Of course, it’s also possible that this component has nothing to do with any iPhone. We’ll have to wait until Apple’s big event next month to find out what exactly is in store.

Via: BGR