Forget charging mats! Apple is working on real wireless charging


Current iPhones lack wireless charging. As Samsung was happy to point out.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung has mocked the iPhone for its lack of wireless charging before, but Apple is reportedly looking to change the game with “cutting-edge” technology that would move its devices beyond the charging mats used by current smartphones and into true wireless charging.

And the tech could arrive as soon as 2017, with the launch of the iPhone 7s.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on the secretive technology with partners in both the United States and Asia.

The report notes that Apple is specifically interested in overcoming technical barriers, including loss of power over distance. “Efficiency of power transfer decreases as the distance between transmitter and receiver grows, which means batteries take longer to recharge,” the story says.

While Apple (surprise!) declined to comment, the company has been researching wireless charging for several years. Back in 2010, it filed a patent application describing a way of using an iMac as a hub for wirelessly recharging another device at a distance of up to 1 meter. Apple currently uses a related technique for charging the Apple Watch when it is within millimeters of a power source.

Recently, technology giant Qualcomm revealed the invention of a new charging technology that allows metal phones to use wireless charging for the first time.

Would true wireless charging be a big selling point for you if and when it comes to a future iPhone? Leave your comments below.

Source: Bloomberg

  • laser132217

    Absolutely it’d be a big selling point!!! Arguably the most ‘revolutionary’ change to the iPhone for a long time. I wont believe it until I see it though… all sounds a bit too good to be true IMO.

  • Serenak

    Never mind wireless charging on my phone… I want wireless OTA charging for all my “small personal tech” that means my Bluetooth earpieces, my Bluetooth earphones, my watch, my iPhone, iPads and all that stuff. When it is within say 5m of my Power Transmitting Tower I want it to be intelligently managing its own charging.
    Did I mention I HATE wires? :) Fine I can live with power cables for my laptop charging and for my Desktop. But I want my mouse and my keyboard and the like to be basically getting OTA power from the computer.
    One day, and hopefully before I am too old to enjoy it…

  • MWinNYC

    Not a big selling point for me. As for Samsung, I would rather carry a charging cord that I can easily wrap and put in a pocket or bag rather than carry an entire charging pad everywhere.

  • DrMuggg

    As usual; Apple will not be FIRST with wireless charging. But they will be first with W.C. that is actually useful….

    • igorsky

      Apple is generally the first to any sort of useful implementation of an existing technology. Then everyone takes the same approach and accuses Apple of copying. And round we go again.

    • throwaway73

      I switch between Android and iOS every couple of years. When I had a Galaxy phone that had Qi charging, I was stoked to finally have wireless charging. Many downsides I didn’t anticipate — primary reason is that I couldn’t (easily) use my phone while charging. Advantage wired. Not to mention getting a proper Qi pad (number of coils matters as far as how easy it is to position the phone to initiate a charge). So if Apple gets this right, this will be a wireless charging solution that’s actually useful.

  • igorsky

    I don’t believe this story at all. It’s common knowledge that Apple doesn’t innovate.

    • Vic

      By that commentary it also became common knowledge that you are ignorant.

  • JJ

    I’m with Apple. I find those charging pads redundant. But as usual, Samsung would bring out half baked, gimmicky tech to make it seem like they are innovating.

  • itfa

    The last thing I want is to be living in a strong electromagnetic field capable of producing voltage in anything with a coil of conductive material.