Zombie-blasting Death Road to Canada gets massive update


Death Road
New characters, locations, and weapons? Check, check, and check again.
Photo: Rocketcat

For my money, Death Road to Canada is one of the best games to have landed on iOS in recent times. A crazy mash-up of randomly-generated zombie survival RPG, actioner, and text-based interactive fiction game, it’s a combination that totally shouldn’t work, but — like peanut butter and jelly — totally does.

And now it’s just got a massive update to more a great game even, well, greater. Check out the trailer below.

A game with brains (and brain-eating!)

The “Duodenum” update adds new music, weapons, characters, systems, and way more. That includes new atmospheric lighting (making it harder to see zombies in the dark), doorway barricading systems, a massive 40 new weapons, 11 recruitable new characters, gameplay tweaks, new locations, and a ton of other modifications that will enhance your gameplay experience.

Don’t believe us about the scale of the overhaul? Check out the crazily extensive change log here.

Death Road to Canada costs $9.99, which is reasonably pricey for an iOS game, but well worth it for something of this quality. If you’re a zombie fan, a road trip fan, or just a fan of great, original games, you really won’t regret your purchase of this oddball mix of pixel art, humor, and zombie-chasing action.

You can download Death Road to Canada from the App Store here.