Vintage 'Macintosh Portable' video shows Apple leaks aren't a new phenomenon

Vintage news video shows Apple leaks aren’t a new phenomenon


I wish every Apple leak was presented like this.
Photo: KGO/Fast Company

It’s easy to think that the constant leaks about upcoming Apple products started during the age of Cupertino-obsessed blogs like, well, the one you’re reading right now.

However, a recently digitized news report from February 1988 — concerning a rumored “Macintosh Portable” — is a reminder that Apple leaks have been around for a long time. Check out the vintage report, from a San Francisco news station, below.

The interview is with David Bunnell, editor of the now-defunct Macintosh Today magazine. Bunnell, who passed away last October, founded successful magazines PC Magazine, PC World and Macworld. He was also a former colleague of Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, back when they were creating their BASIC programming language for the Altair.

Interestingly, the Macintosh Portable in the report — despite everyone’s excitement about it — turned out to be a flop for Apple. It shipped in 1989, costing the equivalent of more than $12,000 today, and was horrendously bulky.

It was later replaced by Apple’s first foray into true laptops with the form factor we know today. Known as the PowerBook 100 series, those Apple laptops proved significantly more popular with users.

Source: Fast Company