Pikachu Snapchat filter lets you turn yourself into a Pokémon


Snapchat dysmorphia
Pika the new Snapchat filter to turn yourself into a Pokémon
Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat has paired up with The Pokémon Company to debut a Pikachu filter that turns users’ faces into that of the famous yellow electric Pokémon.

Best of all, whenever you open your mouth you’ll hear Pikachu’s instantly recognizable voice as the animated character leaps onto the screen to strike a pose!

Gotta snap ’em all!

As with Snapchat’s other filters, to access Pikachu in all his (err, it is a he, right?) electric glory, you want to switch your phone to the front-facing FaceTime camera and then tap a blank part of the screen. This brings up the full collection of images you can use to augment your regular photos — including speech bubbles, face filters, objects, backdrops, and more.

Select the Pikachu filter and, well, hope that you’re among the first of your friends to find out about it so it still carries some element of novelty!

It’s certainly a neat update, and bound to find appeal among the younger user who are both big Pokémon fans and Snapchat’s core userbase. It’s worth noting that the filter is only going to be a limited amount of time, however. If you want to possess the ability to send Pikachu selfies far into the future, we’d recommend you save a bunch of different images now so that they’re still available after the promotion is done.

Snapchat can be downloaded for free here. It was last updated in early August, when version added the ability to include up to 32 Snapchatters in one group.