Twitch desktop app finally lands on Mac


Twitch livestream
After months in beta, the full version is finally here.
Photo: Twitch

After several months in beta, game streaming platform Twitch’s desktop app for both Mac and Windows is finally available in its complete full version.

The app includes all the features you’d expend to find in Twitch’s web browser version, such as voice and video calling. However, it also includes a few features that you’ll only find in the app version. In other words, what are you waiting for, gamers?

Does everything the website can do, plus more

The big feature the desktop app adds is the presence of a Dark Mode, designed to make it more comfortable on the eyes to watch streams at night. It does this by reducing the amount of bright light. There are also text and voice rooms, which let you chat to friends even when a game stream is down. You can additionally use the app to make video calls with up to five people people at once.

You can also find, install, and manage thousands of addons for your favorite games directly in the app, as well as enabling in-game overlays to manage your calls without alt-tabbing. Going forward, the plan is to add cloud storage to let you access your save data from multiple machines.

The Twitch client is a rebranded version of Curse, the gaming chat application the Amazon-owned company acquired last year.

You can download it from the Twitch website here.