Foxconn exec explains why iPhone 8 will be so expensive

Foxconn exec explains why iPhone 8 will be so expensive


iPhone 8
A mockup of iPhone 8 with its edge-to-edge display.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

Countless rumors have warned iPhone 8 won’t be cheap. One of the things pushing up its price tag is the manufacturing process for its swanky new OLED display.

According to one Foxconn executive, the display is proving difficult to produce because of the “special cutting” required to create the notch at the top of the screen.

Like its most recent rivals, iPhone 8 is expected to deliver an edge-to-edge display with super-slim bezels. However, Apple will make it unique by extending it to the top edge of the phone and surrounding the FaceTime camera and facial recognition sensors.

That “notch” at the top of the display is proving incredible difficult to create, according to Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng. So difficult, in fact, that there 40 percent of displays produced for iPhone 8 turn out to be defective.

Luo Zhongsheng
Foxconn’s Luo Zhongsheng explains why iPhone 8 will be costly.
Photo: MyDrivers

That means it’s not only difficult to manufacture them in large quantities, but also incredibly expensive. It’s one of the reasons why Apple fans will have to pay a premium price for its latest device, which could exceed $1,000.

But it’s likely to be well worth it. The edge-to-edge screen will give iPhone users more space than before in a similar form factor as iPhone 7’s. It’s also expected to bring wireless charging, a larger battery, and improved water-resistance.

Luo’s post was quickly deleted after it was published, likely at the request of Apple and/or Foxconn.

Via: MyDrivers