iPhone 8 X-ray confirms more of its hottest features


iPhone 8 X-ray
The leaks keep on coming.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

Thanks to secrets discovered in Apple’s own firmware, we already know a lot about the iPhone 8. Now an apparent X-ray of the device has all but confirmed even more of its hottest features ahead of its official debut this fall.

The HomePod firmware Apple released to developers late last month has revealed all kinds of juicy details about the iPhone 8. We now know the device will offer a “SmartCamera” feature, facial recognition, and tap to wake functionality. We even know what it will look like.

But there’s plenty yet to discover. X-ray images of the device, published on Twitter by reliable tipster Benjamin Geskin, have all but confirmed more significant changes: wireless charging, dual rear-facing cameras, and an L-shaped battery.

Wireless charging is a big one because it’s a first for iPhone. Apple has been supposedly waiting for improved technologies to come along, but it seems its patience has run out, with iPhone 8 expected to offer the same Qi charging standard used in rival Android devices.

The large black shape seen at the very back of the phone in these images is where the Qi charging coil will likely sit. We’ve already seen images of the component, which is used to transfer energy from a wireless charging pad into the iPhone’s battery.

There’s an L-shaped space above this, which wraps around the handset’s logic board, where we expect the handset’s battery to be. Normally, iPhone batteries are rectangular, but Apple has reportedly adopted this new shape to allow for better battery life.

iPhone 8 X-ray
What appears to be two camera modules.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

The new battery, which is said to be made by LG, will take up as much free space as possible. A recent report claimed we wouldn’t see this change until 2019, but it looks like Apple is ready to make it this year.

The X-ray also shows what looks like two rear-facing camera modules aligned vertically. Many iPhone 8 renders have suggested the device will have dual cameras like the iPhone 7 Plus, which are clearly part of Apple’s plans for the foreseeable future.