This ARKit app teleports you into an ’80s music video


Take your kids back to the '80s with this app.
Take your kids back to the '80s with this app.
Photo: Trixi Studios

Ever wonder what it would be like to live inside an ’80s music video? Thanks to Apple’s new ARKit software, you can live that dream with a new app that draws inspiration from the popular music video for A-ha’s “Take On Me.”

The proof-of-concept app from Trixi Studios pulls iPhone users into a hand-drawn world that reacts to your surroundings. Now you can have a full-on ’80s dance party in your living room.

Check it out:

Trixi Studios’ app isn’t available to the public yet. However, it does show some of the cool capabilities of ARKit. Staring at your iPhone screen to see where the dance party is at isn’t exactly ideal. But just think of how much fun it could be if Apple Glasses ever become a thing.

Via: Gizmodo