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Flash makeovers will spruce up aging Apple stores overnight


Everyone should be welcome in the Apple Store.
Give me trees. Lots of trees.
Photo: Bruno Dalimonte/macplus.net

Not lucky enough to live close to a spiffy Apple store that got a design refresh in the past couple of years?

Have no fear! On May 16, Apple will reportedly carry out an overnight design upgrade of its older and smaller retail stores worldwide.

If you’ve visited any of Apple’s larger flagship stores over the past year or so, you probably know what to expect from the makeover. Namely wider open spaces, a “Genius Grove,” more prominence given to materials like granite and wood, and plenty of trees, giant video screens and other additions.

In interviews, Apple retail guru Angela Ahrendts often talks about the importance of transforming the company’s retail stores into “town squares” people feel happy to hang out at.

Not all of the design flourishes will make it to every single Apple store, of course. Particularly in smaller Apple stores, expect something of a “halfway house” between the look and feel of Apple’s high-end flagship stores and the stores as they currently exist. Since the new look will be present when the stores reopen May 17, this will be cosmetic work only.

Still, since some smaller Apple stores certainly look a bit tired these days, it’s great to hear that Cupertino still pays attention to them.

Which Apple stores do you think particularly need a fresh lick of paint and a little bit of Jony Ive-inspired design magic? Leave your comments below.

Source: 9to5Mac