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iPhone 8 sales could benefit from upgrade wave


iPhone 8 rear shell
Ready for a new iPhone? This is supposedly a leaked photo of an iPhone 8's rear shell.
Photo: Weibo

The 10th anniversary of the iPhone will likely be good for iPhone 8 sales. But another sales bump could come from users long overdue for an upgrade.

Data from the Boston analytics firm Localytics shows 28 percent of all iPhone users own an iPhone 6, which will turn 3 this fall. Almost 16 percent are still using the iPhone 5 and 5s handsets.

The figures, published today by ZDNet, suggest the iPhone 8 will trigger a huge upgrade wave, much like the iPhone 6 did when it came out.

There are certainly people ready to trade up, but whether all the 5 and 6 users go for the newest iPhone remains to be seen.

Smartphones these days can do so much and there has been little to come along in terms of innovation where people feel that can’t live without the latest device.

But a number of rumored iPhone 8 upgrades, including 3-D sensors and better battery life, likely will entice iPhone users.

ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes said upgrades vary anywhere from 18 months to three years. Taking into account the upgrade surge with the iPhone 6, Kingsley-Hughes says the numbers, as shown by Localytics, are looking good for Apple.

Source: ZDNet