Drone flyover video offers breathtaking night shots of giant Apple Park campus


A rendering of what Apple's new campus may look like.
A rendering of Apple Park as it will eventually appear.
Photo: Apple

A new drone video delivers stunning shots of Apple Park lit up at night. The latest “campus porn” serves up a sight that will no doubt become very familiar to some of the 20,000 employees who soon will be pulling all-nighters ahead of the iPhone 8’s debut.

Apple’s enormous new HQ is set to open this month. Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield’s flyover video shows contractors busy putting the final touches on the 175-acre campus in Cupertino, California.

The video shows some of the landscaping work being carried out prior to Apple Park’s opening. The 9,000 trees to be planted on the site by the time of its completion is reportedly causing major headaches for landscapers and architects hoping to buy trees for other projects.

Apple has been buying up thousands of trees for the campus, storing them in the nearby town of Sunol as well as on the construction site. It’s all part of a longstanding dream to make the Apple headquarters the greenest building on the planet — both figuratively and literally.

Are you impressed by the look of Apple Park now that it’s finally almost finished? Leave your comments below.

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  • Sadly, employees and visitors will not be able to access the building, as all doors have been replaced with human-incompatible entrances for aesthetic purposes. A licensed, after-market adapter will be available for purchase at your local Apple Store.

  • Cool. Happy to see Apple Park (with the help of Drone, from Cupertino, California)