Galaxy S8 prototype ripped off iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera


Galaxy S8 camera
Galaxy S8 has a familiar camera, but it's better this year.
Photo: Samsung

At least one early prototype of the Galaxy S8 featured dual camera lenses just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

A leaked photo reveals Samsung stacked one camera module on top of the other, rather than side by side — but obviously decided against this design for the final model.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera is one of its biggest advantages over the smaller iPhone 7. It not only allows for 2x optical zoom — a feature we rarely see in smartphones (especially thin ones) — but also that super-cool Portrait shooting effect.

As soon as iPhone 7 Plus made its debut, we knew rival smartphones with similar dual-lens cameras would follow. And we assumed — based on its track record of following Apple’s biggest moves — that Samsung would be one of the first to copy.

It certainly looks like the South Korean company was close to doing just that. A photo posted to Chinese micro-blogging network Weibo, allegedly showcasing an early Galaxy S8 prototype, confirms Samsung tested at least one version of the device with two cameras.

Galaxy S8 prototype
This Galaxy S8 prototype clearly has two camera sensors.
Photo: Weibo

It’s unclear why only one camera made it into the final design. Perhaps Samsung was unable to achieve the same kind of results offered by the iPhone 7 Plus, or it simply had to make room for other components.

One thing we do not see in this photo is the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner, which now sits alongside the rear-facing camera, making room for that larger Infinity Display on the front of the phone. This could be the reason why the second camera was sacrificed.

Samsung almost certainly won’t give up on the dual-camera setup, though. It will want to offer fans the same functionality they can get elsewhere, and so there’s a good chance we’ll see it on the Galaxy Note 8 later this fall.

Via: Android Community

  • Apfail

    Really? Must be a slow news day to discuss prototype products that never saw the light of day. And no mention of who Apple ripped off on the iPhone7 dual camera’s. LG for one, in case you were wondering

    • Mac2020

      “Perfected.” Have you seen LG’s dual camera photo? Just curious.

      • Apfail

        Owning one, I’ve seen many

  • tomtompiper

    This must be the stupidest tech article I’ve read in years. Apple did not invent, we’re not the first to use and don’t have the best dual camera set up. As this is a clear and present fact, this makes this article false and ridiculous.

    • Steve__S

      Given the author of this article, why would you expect anything more? Also, keep in mind that these stories are likely designed to be click bait.

      To your point, I agree with you in that the “concept” of dual cameras in a cell phone did not originate with Apple. However, I would argue that they clearly have the best implementation of that concept. The magic of this feature is in the software, not the hardware. Just throwing in a dual camera will add little without the right software. Computational photography is the future for mobile devices. Apple purchased LinX and got a leg up on how to leverage this. Samsung is clearly behind on this technology, so they chose to pass this round.

      • tomtompiper

        The Leica set up on the Huawei P9 & P10 range is streets ahead of Apples implementation. With superior resolved detail, colour accuracy and real bokeh effect it is a no brainer to see the best set up. But given that Leica are a real camera company it’s not really surprising. The 7 plus isn’t even the second best set up, I’d credit that to LG.

      • Steve__S

        The Huawei doesn’t have better color accuracy. Android itself doesn’t even have proper color management. Yes, the P10 uses the dual lens setup for the purpose of sharpness. Using one monochrome and one color camera is a good approach. However, it’s also less practical than Apple’s normal and telephoto lens setup. Also, actual reviews show that it has poor dynamic range and that it struggles to focus in low light. It’s clearly not as good as the iPhone 7 plus.
        trustedreviews dot com huawei-p10-review-camera-page-3

      • jOn Garrett

        lol, CLEARLY your quoting a review done by someone else and not from your own experience which is the biggest problem I have with Apple fans.

      • Steve__S

        Anyone can share their own opinion. You share yours, I share mine. How do you break the tie? Third party reviews can help. I’ve seen the P10 on a friends device. As expected, it does well in good lighting, but does poorly in when things aren’t well lit. It also doesn’t have a telephoto lens. For that matter, even the optics of doing a portrait are much better on a 50mm equivalent lens. On wide angles lenses found on most smartphones, close up images of faces are distorted. For that matter, show me an example of where the Huawei does bokeh as good as the iPhone 7 plus. The point here is that you’re ranting like a lunatic without any supporting evidence which contradicts what I’ve said. That is, your response itself was BS.

      • tomtompiper

        Granted, if you want to take pictures in a cave and can’t use the manual focus option on the P9/P10 then the much more expensive iPhone 7 is marginally better. But in reality pictures on the P9/10 look better. But if in doubt you can always check out Gsmarena. Com’s photo compare tool. As for taking pictures of real people using real bokeh, then it is a slam dunk for Huawei.

      • Steve__S

        Really, perhaps you can show me these slam dunk comparisons you speak of regarding the P10’s bokeh and portrait images, right? No?

      • tomtompiper

        Google is your friend in looking for the images.

        GSM in their last camera phone shootout the iPhone came last and LG was top. Since then they have done a toe to toe between the LG and the P10 and they traded blows. But don’t take my word for it, search for the pictures.

      • Steve__S

        Perhaps you can link to the shootout that you are referring to where they actually compared against the 7 plus with the dual lens. My friend Google didn’t come up with such a comparison. Perhaps you’re making this up? Wishful thinking maybe??

      • Mac2020

        You don’t need Google to lie. There is no such thing as that shootout.

      • tomtompiper

        As I have previously provided the link I await your apology.

      • Steve__S

        What link? I don’t see your link in this thread. I did a Google search and didn’t find the comparison to the 7 plus as you suggest. I await your reply with an actual link.

      • tomtompiper

        It seems the link needs approval, but as it wasn’t approved the last time I think you will need to find it for yourself, if you are competent enough.

      • Steve__S

        Nice excuse. It’s not hard to post the link you are referring to. If you were competent enough, you’d figure out how to remove the prefix common to all web sites and put a space between the dot com, etc. Again, I’m sure you’ll just continue to make excuses.

      • tomtompiper

        techradarDOTcom/news/best-camera-phone/14 now waits for apologies or pathetic excuse.

      • Steve__S

        What’s interesting is that even in the source that you cited, the descriptions for each of the images made note of the better color accuracy on the iPhone. Likewise, I await your apologies on that. This is a point which directly contradicts your claim. In this article, they did favor the Huawei, but then again, they never even bothered to test the zoom lens or the bokeh capabilities of the 7 plus. While Huawei has leveraged their use of dual lenses for image detail, they’ve also sacrificed the ability for zooming or use of a telephoto lens. That’s a point I’ve made which this review does not contradict.

        Again, from the Verge article, it’s very clear that the Huawei device distorts portrait images because of its wide angle lens and it’s also clear that color accuracy is an issue with their phones as well. From a practical perspective, there are just so many shots that will not even be possible on the Huawei phone because it lacks telephoto capabilities. You seem to think it’s okay to ignore such realities.

      • tomtompiper

        What were the scores? I never expected an an apology, you are a typical religious fanatic. I’m done with you. Bu, bye!

      • Steve__S

        LOL… Really, so you made claims that your own sources either don’t support or openly contradict and you’re referring to me as a “religious fanatic”? That’s funny.

        Didn’t you say: “With superior resolved detail, colour accuracy and real bokeh effect it is a no brainer to see the best set up. “ ??

        The resolved detailed I agreed to very early in this discussion. However, you’re clearly wrong on the color accuracy. Comments from the techradar’s site include the following in that regard:

        “Apple’s very accurate exposure metering which avoids blowing highlight detail”
        “Apple’s colors are marginally closer to what the eye perceives.”
        “the 7 Plus comes good with accurate exposure and white balance, helping to reproduce realistic color saturation across all hues. There’s also little sign of any image noise, while color boundaries are smooth and free from sharpening artefacts.”
        “Apple’s excellent color reproduction and auto white balance are clear to see here, as the iPhone 7 Plus’s image is free from any color casts, and the tricky red tones are faithfully reproduced.”
        “As always, color accuracy is first class.”

        etc, etc.

        As for your bokeh claims, the Verge article I provided pretty well demonstrates how you are wrong there as well.

      • Steve__S

        Here’s a good comparison of the 7 plus and the P10 in portrait mode. Look…. you can post links!!!
        theverge. com/2017/2/28/14762346/huawei-p10-camera-iphone-7-plus-portrait-mode-mwc-2017

        In this example, you see the exact trade-off expected between the two cameras. The P10 does a better job with sharpness. However, the bokeh is terrible by comparison and the people are distorted in the images due to the wide angle lens. Not to mention that the P10 does worse at color accuracy, etc. Again, all of this is completely expected given the trade-off that the two phones make with their different approaches.

      • JohnyNoLegs

        Actual reviews show ip7 colour accuracy to be terrible. Don’t quote trusted reviews as a source LOL

      • Steve__S


      • jOn Garrett

        Who told you they have the best implementation? Which others have YOU evaluated?

        You just called out the author for his BS and then in the same breath you do the same.

        Why is it that Apple fans love making blanket unsubstantiated statements about things they know nothing about?

        Not trying to be cute but seriously. You guys always make these kinds statements all the time without any facts or use of other devices.

      • Mac2020

        Why is it that Apple haters love making blanket unsubstantiated statements about things they know nothing about?

      • JohnyNoLegs

        Because they have no idea what they are talking about.

      • jOn Garrett

        I know Apple lovers call everything a gimmick that the iPhone doesn’t have and then embrace the sh!t out of it once it does. (Large screens, widgets, notification shade, NFC, water resistance, wireless charging<—-especially wireless charging, curved displays etc)

        I know Apple lovers like to accuse other OEMs of copying of they have just the slightest similarity to Apple yet look the other way when Apple blatantly copies another OEM.

        I know Apple lovers tend to credit Apple with inventing things they did not.

        I know Apple lovers think that things didn't exist on other phones until after the iPhone (missing headphone jack, 3D touch, Mobile payments, fingerprint scanner)

        Your turn.

  • DuPereira

    You choose the site name correct, it’s a cult… Don’t be delusional… dual cameras doesn’t born on iphone’s

  • Joms

    Stay in your iDiotic Cult. Crapple did not invent dual camera setup!

  • jOn Garrett

    So lemme get this straight. Amateur l Android phones have had dual cameras for years (I had the LG thrill)

    Yet, a rumored, unreleased prototype is responsible for copying dual cameras from the iPhone?

    So lemme ask you another question, the next iPhone will have many Galaxy S features. Well you say stole or copied them?

  • Al B

    “And we assumed — based on its track record of following Apple’s biggest moves — that Samsung would be one of the first to copy.”
    OH wow seriously? Dual camera was used in HTC since 2011 for the 3D photo effect. Since when did Apply invent stuff? NFC? Fast Charging? USB Type C? Curve screen? Notification Bar? Fingerprint Unlock? Facial unlock? Multi window/task? All of these iPhone either doesn’t have, or copied from else where.

  • Harley

    Having dual cameras is not “ripping off the iPhone 7+,” that’s like saying having dual front facing speakers is like ripping off the HTC’s BoomSound.

  • Roger Swiper

    I for one, look forward to your reporting of Apple’s next invention. The curved display. Keep up the fine work.

  • Dominic81

    Wow what a stupid, misleading article lol

  • Zach P30

    I like my 7 Plus but y’all know GOOD AND WELL Apple wasn’t nearly the first company to make a dual camera smartphone

  • Knowbody

    Apple did not invent dual cameras. Stop trying to claim Apple invented everything.

  • escalinci

    Olloclip make good telephoto adapters for iphones, and besides those they have only made lenses for galaxy phones. If there’s demand, they might make make a nice 2x adapter for the s8.