iOS 11 concept supercharges the Home screen


The Home screen becomes more than just an app launcher.
The Home screen becomes more than just an app launcher.
Photo: Matt Birchler

It’s about time Apple made our Home screens more useful. It could start by taking tips from this iOS 11 concept, which imagines more informative icon badges and support for complications similar to those on Apple Watch.

Apple has introduced features like 3D Touch and the Today view to make the Home screen somewhat more practical, but it has changed very little since the original iPhone made its debut in 2007. Calls for widgets and live icons have fallen on deaf ears in Cupertino.

But fans continue to imagine what could be.

This iOS 11 concept from Matt Birchler features “advanced notification badges” that offer more than just a number. They show you who wants your attention with apps like Snapchat, and how many messages are waiting for you with apps like Slack.

iOS 11 concept
Advanced notification badges.
Photo: Matt Birchler

What’s more, those icons can finally be placed wherever you want them — like on Android — without the need for a jailbreak tweak.

And if advanced notifications badges aren’t enough, this concept offers Home screen complications and widgets that display useful snippets of information, like top stories in Apple News, and the latest details on your upcoming flight.

iOS 11 concept
Complications come to iOS.
Photo: Matt Birchler

“In this mockup, complications would be configured just how they are on the Apple Watch, and you would be able to choose between having 3 small complications, or one large (wide) complication on the top of your home screen,” explains Birchler.

“These all have realtime data that’s relevant to me, and this would go a long way to making the home screen more than just a simple app launcher.”

The concept also imagines “Siri 2.0,” a new interface for Apple’s virtual assistant that combines app suggestions with information updates when you need them most (like those offered by Google Now), and the ability to chat with Siri by text.

iOS 11 concept
Siri 2.0.
Photo: Matt Birchler

“I would expect and hope that Apple has a more dramatic change planned for the home screen down the line, but given what they have now, everything I have mentioned feels like a natural evolution of what they have already done,” Birchler continues.

“I don’t imagine this is exactly what Apple has in the labs right now, but I do really hope they are on a similar page. The iOS home screen needs to grow up.”

We couldn’t agree more. But is Apple listening?

Via: RedmondPie

  • Kev


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  • SomeGuy

    I really don’t get the obsession with widgets.

    • jOn Garrett

      When you’ve never had them you don’t ever understand how useful they are

      • Duel

        iOS have had widgets for long time, still haven’t found useful one.

      • Jim

        Fantastical calendar has superb widget.

      • jOn Garrett

        lol, a long time? No, half-assed jailbroken ones? Yes.

        You haven’t found a useful one because you use iOS ones.

      • Duel

        Since 2014, no jailbreaking.

        I havent found useful one because there isn’t one for me, also all the android screens which iv seen in real life haven’t added any extra widgets. Only widget they have is the stock google search.

      • jOn Garrett

        Wow, unbelievable–that you quote the screens you’ve seen as opposed to the ones you yourself have used?? lol.

        I’m sure I weather widget is useful to you. Don’t sit there and act like you don’t check the weather on your phone and check it often.

        How about a missed notification widget on your lock screen, if you have an always on display you can see your missed notifications at a glance. Again, don’t sit there and tell me that that’s not useful–, especially on an iPhone which has ZERO ways to alert you to a missed notification.

      • Duel

        “I’m sure I weather widget is useful to you. Don’t sit there and act like you don’t check the weather on your phone and check it often.”

        ?!?!)! :D seriously? Weather widget? :D where i need widget for that when i can open the weather app in under half a second. And Yes im not checking weather often, i have my eyes :D

        “How about a missed notification widget on your lock screen”

        I dont even understand what this means, when i wake up my screen i see all the missed notifications.

        Can you finally give me a real use for widgets? And i meant 3rd widgets, which people really need. Weather widget is stock widgets and been there forever.

      • jOn Garrett

        So you think it’s more convenient to pick up your phone, unlock it, and launch an app as opposed to just glancing at a widget on your always on display??? GTFO!!

        There are plenty of real use reasons but every user will have their own. I like the peel remote widget and I like the direct TV widget which shows what’s on and all the shows I watch.

      • Duel

        “I like the direct TV widget which shows what’s on and all the shows I watch.”

        I thought movie trailer widget would be nice because i’m huge movie fan, i have one and hardly never use it. When i want to see newest trailers i open Apple trailer app, it’s lot better.

        I can’t see usefulness of widgets, the real app shows lot more information.

        Again i dont need to see weather all the time, i have eyes :D i check weather few times in week. Usually monday i check the whole week weather.

        “So you think it’s more convenient to pick up your phone, unlock it, and launch an app as opposed to just glancing at a widget on your always on display??? GTFO!!”

        Yes i like the full experience lot more than looking small widgets with less information.

        Again like i said, i don’t know any android users who have installed extra widgets, everyone screens look like stock home screen.

      • SomeGuy

        I’ve used widgets. iPhone has them lol I just don’t move them around. Oh no. End of the world. Still think they’re whatever

      • jOn Garrett

        If you want to call them that, enjoy.

      • Jim

        Correction: I really don’t get the obsession with home screen widgets. iOS does it smarter by putting any and all widgets in the left pane of the notification pull down. That way, I can see my widgets any time, any where, without having to go home. For instance, I’m typing an email or text message and need to check if I’m free on Sunday. I don’t have to open the calendar app, or go home to see the calendar widget. I just pull down from the top and look at my calendar widget, and slide it back up. The app I was in (email or text in this case) is still open right there. It’s faster and is much more usable than home screen widgets.

      • Larry Fulkner

        U sir are exactly right. It’s insanely convenient. I use this feature absolutely every…day.

      • jOn Garrett

        I think you’re a bit confused or just don’t know how Android works (most iOS users don’t)

        I can do the exact same thing and more. Android widgets can go where you want them–apple tells you where they should be and you have to live with that.

        In addition, I can interact with the widgets itself, on iOS your widget is just an app launcher.

        I can even use a widget and an app in split screen, something you couldn’t do until recently and even still only on an iPad. IPhone + has plenty of screen space but you can’t split screen on that either.

  • JohnyMyko

    That looks extremely awful. People need to stop obsessing with widgets and Cult Of Mac needs to stop making articles about every shitty amateur mockup out there.

    • jOn Garrett

      Show us your professional version of iOS 11.

  • Rick Ludwig

    What is the obsession with trying to make iOS like every other mobile OS? If I wanted a hyper-active home screen overloading with information, I would buy an Android.

    The whole point of iOS is that it’s simple – you have a device where the OS isn’t the priority, it’s the app. If I want the weather, I go to the weather app. If I want to browse the web, I go to the web browser.

    I get that some people like the complex devices with information overload – and the good news is that Android provides that for you! Grab a Pixel or a Galaxy and don’t look back!

    • jOn Garrett

      First, there is no information overload on Android. You can have whatever you want.

      Second, iOS from version 7 through current is loaded with no less than 60 Android features and without them you’d still have the mess of an OS that previous version were.

      For years iOS users complained, apple listened and now the experience is better than it ever was or could be.

      • Rick Ludwig

        I will grant that “information overload” is a subjective, personal experience, but using both iOS and Android, I can say that there is FAR too much “OS” on Android. Too many icons, too many notifications, just too much. No matter how simple you try to make it, you can never get it to be like iOS.

      • jOn Garrett

        Why would I want it like iOS? I don’t want a $1000 phone that’s locked down, restricted and limited.

        How there too many icons on Android? That’s makes zero sense.

        Notifications can be turned off, don’t want to be bothered, no problem.

        Android is something iOS will never be, fully customizable. You can use it however you wish not how you’re told.

      • Jim

        Android has plenty of iOS features as well. Both platforms have benefited from the competition.
        But Rick’s point, iOS does widgets better, as I explained above, without messing up the home screen and providing access to them anytime.

      • It Was Never Just 42

        You think iOS does them better, others, like me will totally disagree. I do miss some of my Widgets that adorned my M8 and Nexus 6 and I personally find Apples implementation serviceable at best. I find it quite annoying I have to drag the screen just to see my weather widget. Having it on the homescreen would allow me to see it instantly. You don’t and that’s fine also.

        The great thing about choice is just that. Why not allow others to have homescreen Widgets? Where’s the harm to you if they allow both?

      • jOn Garrett

        IOS widgets are pretty to look at like most things iOS but sacrifice function for glamour.

        Android widgets don’t mess up the home screen and you don’t have to put them there if you don’t want.

        With Android you can interact with the widgets, actually use them whereas iOS widgets is just an app launcher.

        Android widgets are also resizeable and can be placed anywhere on the screen.

    • KillianBell

      I agree not everyone wants “hyper-active home screens,” but for those who do appreciate features like widgets, it’s nice to at least have the option. Android fans aren’t forced to use them — their home screens can be just as simple as those on iOS — but most do because they’re useful.

      • Rick Ludwig

        The point is, if you like that experience why not get an Android?

      • jOn Garrett

        Many iOS users want the Android experience that’s why;

        A. They jailbreak
        B. Apple began to copy Android.

        Why should a person leave a platform, it’s phones and ecosystem because they might want one or two features others have?

        Remember when y’all wanted larger than 4″ screens, NFC, wireless charging, dust and water resistance?

      • Richard Ludwig

        “Many” does not equal “majority”. There are hackers customizing their experiences in EVERY OS (yes, even Android!).

        If a person wants “the Android experience” they really should switch platforms. I want “the iOS experience”.

        You also raise a good point – if you want that, and for some reason you don’t want to switch to Android, go ahead an jail break.

  • Nick Seamore

    Take an android phone if you want this crap on your screen!

    • jOn Garrett

      wow, you’re very sore. If you don’t want something you don’t have to use it. Relax.

      • Nick Seamore

        Why take time to develop something that’s already on android? I find it ugly and it isn’t there yet and I don’t think it will come to IOS. And why should I be relaxed?

      • It Was Never Just 42

        Wow, why should they make any changes then for that matter.

        Why is it people like you feel the need to tell others what they should and shouldn’t like? You don’t want Widgets then don’t use them if they do ever become available.

        But acting like an petulant child reprimanding others for something they prefer simply makes you come across as, well….

        Take a chill pill and a deep breath. But never ever assume that your opinion on this overules others, because it doesn’t.

      • Richard Ludwig

        And don’t assume your opinion overrules either. Nick is voicing his opinion (which he has a right to both have and voice). Not everybody likes the idea of widgets – and no, it’s not a “if you don’t like them don’t use them” sort of thing.

        And no, just because someone doesn’t like the idea of widgets (or any current implementation or concept) doesn’t mean they’re closed off to change – it just means they don’t like this idea.