Apple pitches iPad Pro as ultimate clutter killer


iPad Pro can simplify your life.
iPad Pro can simplify your life.
Photo: Apple

Ever feel like you got way too much stuff crowding up your life?

Well, according to Apple’s latest ad you could be living in minimalist bliss with fewer things if you just buy one more thing: an iPad Pro.

Need less stuff

Apple’s newest advertisement for its iPad Pro marketing campaign focuses on how the sleek tablet can streamline your workflow. Just get an iPad Pro and you can eliminate clutter from your desk like a scanner, pen and paper, and your bulky laptop.

Take better notes

The second new ad highlights the usefulness of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the classroom. Students can use to device to write notes in class, save them to the cloud and even record the professor’s boring lecture while you catch some Z’s.

Apple is expected to announce new iPads this spring. New features may include a tweaked design with slimmer bezels, faster processors and hopefully some new software features, too.