Flyover reveals Apple Park is still dirty ahead of April opening


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Apple Park's name pays tribute to the legendary Xerox PARC.
Photo: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

A new Apple Park drone video shows just how close Apple’s spaceship office complex is to completion.

Installation of hundreds of solar panels on the roof of Apple Park’s cavernous garage is now done, while those being positioned on the main building’s roof are almost finished as well. With the bulk of the work on buildings like the Steve Jobs Theater now complete, workers are now moving on to landscaping elements, like planting the trees that will decorate the massive HQ.

Check out the spectacular new Apple Park flyover video below.

In addition to the above features, there has been considerable progress on the campus’ snazzy $75 million gym, while other buildings dotting the massive site are also starting to come together.

Apple Park: The biggest Apple product

According to Apple, the 175-acre plot will open for business in April, although work won’t officially be completed until late summer. The transition of the roughly 12,000 employees who will populate the new HQ to the new site will take around six months to complete.

As with all of Apple’s new ventures, Apple Park boasts impressive environmental credentials — as well as the company’s perfectionist attention to detail, which reportedly drove builders mad.

What do you think of Apple Park (including its new name)? Is it living up to the ambitious picture painted in Steve Jobs’ original pitch to the Cupertino City Council? Leave your comments below.

Via: 9to5Mac