This incredible iPhone 8 concept will make your jaw drop


iPhone 8 concept
Could the iPhone be any prettier?
Photo: Deuxani

It seems fancy new iPhone 8 concepts are popping up every other day. Some are good; some are just awful. The latest is so pretty it will make your jaw drop. And better yet, it’s a design that could well turn out to be almost identical to the real thing.

Recent claims from reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have promised big design changes for the iPhone this year. Apple is expected to dramatically reduce the size of the bezels around its screen to allow for a larger display without making the iPhone’s footprint any bigger, and an exciting “function area” that will replace the Touch ID button.

Based on these claims, designer Deuxni on the MacRumors forum has created the mockups you see above and below. As predicted, the device features a larger display that extends into the space currently taken up by the Home button, and super slim bezels that leave just enough room for a speaker and a front-facing FaceTime camera.

To make up for the missing Home button, the concept imagines virtual buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen. A virtual Home button is always present in the center of the display, but it is flanked by other useful functions that adapt to the app you’re using. In Instagram, for example, there’s a shortcut to the camera. In Twitter, there’s a button to compose a new tweet.

iPhone 8 concept
Handy shortcuts in Instagram and Twitter.
Photo: Deuxani

“Because the screen is rumoured to be OLED [and much more power efficient than LCD] the home button and the place where the TouchID sensor is could always be shown on-screen even when the rest of the screen is turned off,” explains Deuxni. Rivals like the Galaxy S7 already have an “always-on” display that shows the time and notifications while the device is asleep.

iPhone 8 always-on display
An “always-on” display.
Photo: Deuxani

The device in this concept doesn’t appear all that dissimilar to the iPhone 7 at first glance — it’s the same shape and size — which is why it could well turn out to be a pretty accurate representation of the real iPhone 8. I’d certainly spend silly money on this beauty.

But wait! Here’s our iPhone 8 concept video

Want another look at what the iPhone 8 might look like? Check out Cult of Mac’s iPhone 8 concept video below, which showcases everything we think we know about this year’s model: Our iPhone 8 mockup brings every gorgeous rumor to life.

  • TeeJay1100

    This is one fine looking device. I’m curious to see how  plays it.


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  • Thomas DM

    That empty bottom part seems like an awful lot of wasted space.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      That’s why I bought the smart screen protector, it makes the two sections quite useable.

      • awesomeepicguy123

        until one small crack makes the whole thing useless.

  • Srv Rungta

    It’s a nice concept. But it is just a waste of space including that round virtual button in every app.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    Please MOVE the power button back to the top where it belongs!!! ;)

    • GreenGirl

      Or at the very least move the volumes so they are not opposite the sleep button because pressing one side, on the Plus model, always makes me press the other at the same time.

    • AllanC

      No kidding.

  • Richard Ludwig

    “Could the iPhone look any prettier?”

    Yes. Yes it could.

    I think this design is pretty ugly.

  • AllanC

    Ceramic is a lousy choice for an object people routinely drop. It chips and shatters.

  • Future Burrito