New Tom Hanks movie The Circle imagines world where Apple is evil


The Circle looks a lot like Apple's spaceship.
The Circle looks a lot like Apple's spaceship.
Photo: STX Entertainment

Ever wonder what would happen if Tim Cook decided to go evil and use everyone’s iPhone data for nefarious purposes?

That’s basically the plot of Tom Hanks’ new movie, The Circle, which is set at an infinite-loop-shaped campus in Silicon Valley where everything looks absolutely perfect from the outside (just like Apple).

Based on a novel by Dave Eggers, The Circle also stars Emma Watson and John Boyega. The company that Watson’s character gets herself caught up, called The Circle, is an internet giant that sounds more like Facebook or Google than Apple. But there are also a lot of parallels with Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

Watch the thrilling new The Circle trailer and see for yourself.

Watch The Circle trailer

This trailer for The Circle also reminds me of the movie Antitrust, in which Ryan Philippe joins a big Microsoft-type company whose CEO plans to take over the world.

You can catch The Circle in theaters on April 28.