Gold-plated iPhone 7s celebrate Trump's love for Putin | Cult of Mac

Gold-plated iPhone 7s celebrate Trump’s love for Putin


A bromance of epic proportions.
A bromance of epic proportions.
Photo: Caviar

Still looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? In the year 2017, nothing says I love you more than a set of matching custom gold iPhones with engravings of U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The modified iPhone 7 designs were created by Russian company Caviar, which makes luxury smartphones only someone like Trump would want to buy. Caviar previously crafted a customized Trump iPhone bearing the businessman’s face after he won the general election last year. The company also made a Putin iPhone two years ago.

To celebrate the bromance of Donald and Vladamir, Caviar whipped up a unique gift box that cradles the iPhones so the faces of the leaders remain fixed on each other in a romantic gaze. Caviar is calling the exclusive package “One World” — and says it’s a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in Russian-American relations.

The back of the phones features words from the national anthems for Russia and the United States. You can pick up the set of gold iPhones for around $6,500. Or you can buy the Trump iPhone or Putin iPhone separately along with the gold-plated charging station.