You won't be Russian to buy this $3,000+ Putin edition iPhone 6s

You won’t be Russian to buy this $3,000+ Putin edition iPhone 6s


Caviar Putin iPhone
Imagine Putin this in your pocket.
Photo: Caviar

Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s handsets in its opening weekend, but you probably won’t be Russian rushing to buy this “anniversary” iPhone 6s featuring the gold visage of Russia’s glorious leader, Vladimir Putin.

Created by Russian jewelry company Caviar, the limited edition custom iPhone will help you show those decadent capitalist pig-dogs in the West who’s boss thanks to a titanium finish, gold recreation of Putin’s chiselled face, velvet wooden collector’s box, and “free” car charger.

And all for the low, low price of $3,193.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen custom Apple devices for the Russian market. Last year, for example, the same company created an 18-carat gold plated iPhone 5s, boasting an etching of Putin, the Russian coat of arms, and the first two lines of the Russian national anthem.

Russia has had something of a complex relationship with Apple. In April this year, local politician Alexander Starovoitov argued that Apple was responsible for distributing gay pornography with its giveaway of the U2 Songs of Innocence album — on the basis that the album cover depicted band member Larry Mullen Jr. hugging his shirtless 18-year-old son around the waist.

Russian politicians similarly argued that Tim Cook should be banned from the country when he came out as gay, and even prompted the tearing down of a statue erected in honor of Steve Jobs.

More recently, a “bug” in the Russian version of Siri (possibly the result of work being handed over to a third-party Russian programmer) resulted in Apple’s personal assistant giving homophobic responses to questions about LGBT issues — although the issue was quickly fixed.

What better way to show your disdain for a company like Apple (which is worth more than the entire Russian stock market) than by… buying an expensive custom model of one of its iPhones?

Source: Caviar Phone

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