Apple beat Samsung on device activations this Christmas


Apple had a heckuva Christmas.
Photo: Flurry

More iPhones and iPads were activated over the festive season than any other company’s handsets and tablets, according to data published by analytics firm Flurry.

Analyzing data about phone and app activation throughout the week leading up to Christmas day and the start of Chanukah, Flurry found that 44 percent of all new activations were for Apple devices — more than twice the number of nearest rival, Samsung.

By comparison, Samsung accounted for 21 percent of activations, marking an increase of 1 percent from last year. In third and fourth place were Huawei and LG, which was impressive given that neither manufacturer had a best-selling device. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL handsets failed to make an impact over the holidays.

While Apple’s lead is certainly impressive, however, it’s worth noting that Samsung is slowly but surely making headway. As can be seen from the graphic below, the South Korean tech giant has seen increased holiday activations over the past few years.

A 1 percent gain on Apple is unlikely to have Tim Cook shaking in his boots, but it’s likely the number would have been even higher had the Note 7 not been such an unmitigated disaster for Samsung.

In terms of apps, Christmas Day was the biggest day of the season for app downloads. Around twice as many apps were installed on Christmas Day as the average day in December, with the most popular categories being Messaging & Social, Games, Music, Media, Entertainment, and Kids and Family apps.

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Source: Flurry

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Are these numbers based on Global activations or just US?

    • Android beat iOS that’s never and issue. But Apple always trounces on profit. So everyone wins.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        I was just asking if these activations were based on US only or global.

        I know Android sells more units. There are probably close to 50 Android mfg. on the market spitting out hundreds of different models and the average price of an Android phone is $250 and are running old, outdated OS versions and most of them are just selling to people that live in poverty. That’s the typical Android user.

        Apple doesn’t go after the sub $400 price point, which is where the majority of the Android smartphones are priced. Remember, MOST Android phones sold are $250 or less, and are running older gen OS’s on older gen hardware because most Android phones sold are basically a form of dumping outdated technology to those that can’t afford more recent tech.

        Ever look at the install base of Android users using Lollipop or early OS? That’s a 2 year old OS. The majority of Apple iPhone users are using iOS 10 or iOS 9, not iOS 8 or earlier.

        Why is that significant? Most of these older phones are running out of date OS, they won’t get update to Nougat, so they force users to upgrade their hardware in order to run a more recent version of OS. That’s partly how they generate more sales. Dumping old technology for dirt cheap.

  • Of course! No one wants that Garbage bottom feeders Swinesung phone.