Apple marks World AIDS Day with new products and donations scheme


Apple Store in Hong Kong show support for World AIDS Day.
Apple stores around the world go red for World AID Day
Photo: Lorraine Ng/Instagram

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, and — as it has for the past decade — Apple is taking a stand as part of the Product (Red) campaign.

To mark the occasion, Apple is turning its logo red in Apple stores around the world, debuting several new products, selling limited edition content in the App Store, and matching customer purchases with donations to help fund the global fight against HIV.

Fancy a new case for your iPhone?
Photo: Apple

In terms of limited edition products, Apple has unveiled a new (Red) smart battery case for iPhone 7, a (Red) Beats Pill+ speaker, (Red) Beats Solo 3 headphones, and a (Red) leather case for the iPhone SE. It will also donate $1 to (Red) “for every purchase made with Apple Pay” via its website or the Apple store, up to a total value of $1 million.

On top of this, games including Angry Birds and Clash of Clans will donate all proceeds from in-app purchases, while the same is true for those who buy certain albums on iTunes.

In comments made to BuzzFeed, Tim Cook reiterated his commitment to making Apple a “force for good” in the world.

“I don’t see this as a political issue at all,” Cook said. “This is about people living — it’s about giving people the gift of life. Regardless of people’s political beliefs or backgrounds, I think we can all agree that the right to live is perhaps the ultimate human right.”

Apple has been actively involved with the (Red) campaign since 2006, when it debuted the (Product) Red limited edition iPod nano as a special tie-in device. In the decade since then, it has raised more than $120 million of the total $360 million the charitable initiative has gathered.

Via: The Verge